Car Body Types: Which One Is the Best For You?

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There are a large number of criteria by which motorists choose a vehicle for themselves. Among them are power unit performance, transmission type and price. However, there’s one more important point that requires special attention. This is a car body type. 

In addition to the aesthetic component, it affects the safety, handling and stability of the vehicle. Therefore, before you buy or hire a car, you should carefully inspect the features of the most popular body versions, their advantages and drawbacks. Keep reading!


Coupe cars are not in great demand due to their minimal practicality and lack of versatility. Such models are equipped with two doors and sometimes two seats in front only.

The driver’s and front passenger’s door is more comfortable because it has an increased width. However, getting people in the back seats becomes more difficult because you have to fold the front seat and get out of the car.

The coupe car body will appeal to those drivers who like to travel alone and appreciate the small size of the vehicle. In addition, many models are distinguished by their sporty character due to increased body rigidity and excellent handling. Therefore, among the drawbacks of the bodywork is only the lack of comfort for rear passengers.



It’s not a secret that sedans and hatchbacks are considered to be the most popular body types among those who often hire a car for traveling. Liftback is another interesting option on sale that combines the advantages of two car body types.

In appearance, the car doesn’t differ from the usual sedan, with the exception of the trunk lid connected to the rear window. The liftback class has gained popularity due to its comfortable passenger boarding and practicality. The luggage compartment is large enough to transport bulky goods and travel long distances.

This type of body is suitable for connoisseurs of solidity in the style and versatility of the vehicle.


Station wagon

Station wagons demonstrate practicality and spaciousness. In comparison with the previous types, they are the most comfortable for passengers, have a large vertical tailgate and look stylish.

If you need to carry different types of luggage, a station wagon is the best solution. With its help, you can go on long trips without much difficulty. In addition, the station wagon is often used as a family car, especially if you have small children and need to carry a stroller with you.

The disadvantages of station wagons are the large dimensions only.


Those who often hire minivans at know a lot about such cars. This body combines the advantages of a station wagon and a hatchback, but with increased capacity. A minivan will always be an excellent choice for large families and travelers, as it can accommodate 7-8 people in the cabin.

The advantage of the body type is the high seating position, which provides maximum safety and a wide view on the road.

However, besides the advantages, minivans also have drawbacks. For inexperienced drivers, this car is not suitable, as its large dimensions prevent normal maneuvering or parking without proper experience.



This car body type is designed for movement on rough road surfaces or complete off-road. The main goal of SUVs is to preserve the safety and off-road properties of a car in any operating conditions. Therefore, they are actively used by those who like to travel outside the city in a hire car and overcome various obstacles.

The SUV has increased ground clearance and provides a high seating position for the driver. Depending on the technical characteristics and class, its capacity may vary. The largest SUVs are suitable for an overnight stay for an adult or transporting an inflatable boat, while in compact models it’s difficult to fit even a small tent.



A minibus is a means of transportation to which a separate van with a partition is not connected. Often, such vehicles are adapted for passenger transportation, but there are also cargo models.

The minimum number of seats in a minibus is 9. The car has high ceilings, so you can move in full height in the cabin. Some models are not inferior in comfort and spaciousness to full-fledged passenger buses.

The advantages of minibuses include safety and practicality, which is due to the large weight and increased wheelbase length. However, when cornering, it loses control and becomes unstable. Inappropriate actions by the driver can cause the vehicle to roll over.

The main field of application is commercial activities for the transport of goods or passengers. Although, those who like to travel with the whole family often choose minibus car hire because of its large capacity and convenience.



The second name of the body is a roadster. In general, the designs of all convertibles are very similar – they allow you to fold the roof and travel open air. The top may vary. Roofs are made of soft or hard material. Typically, modern convertibles are based on standard hatchbacks, sedans or coupes. Most convertible roof cars have two doors.

In addition to the familiar and common car bodies, there are rare options that are produced in limited quantities. Among them are:


  • Microvan 


It’s an enlarged copy of a hatchback with a roomy interior. The car lacks the third row of seats for passengers, and the main purpose is everyday driving around the city and beyond.


  • Compact MPV


It’s something between the microvan and a full-fledged minivan. The vehicle can be equipped with an additional, third row of seats. As for appearance, the body is similar to the minivan.