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Using Windows at Work? Here’s How to Make Sure Your PC Is Secure

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There’s no doubting the fact that Microsoft Windows is most people’s preferred OS at work. It is true that Mac probably offers more tools to the creative audience, but when it comes to adaptability, Windows wins by a margin.

Windows can be installed on most machines. The same cannot be said about Mac OS, which only works on an Apple system. Windows computers are much cheaper than their Mac counterparts. Also, you can install almost any kind of software on your Windows machine. On Mac, you can hardly even run a good video game.

While Windows beats Mac in a lot of comparisons, it fails in one critical area, and that is the security of your system. It is rare to see a Mac device get infected with a virus. The security system on a Mac device is pretty robust. Also, Mac isn’t used by the masses, which is why infecting it isn’t prioritized by the hackers.

On the other hand, Windows receives lots of attention from the darker corners of the internet. It’s common to see Windows devices get infected with all kinds of viruses and ransomware programs.

You would never want your work computer to get infected with a virus, would you? Your work PC might contain a whole lot of important data that is relevant to your job. Some of it might even be confidential. Therefore, it is important to keep your device protected at all times. Thankfully, there are ways that can help you keep your Windows device safe at all times. These methods are outlined below:

#1 – Install an Anti-Virus

If you trust Windows Security, then you’re likely to find yourself in loads of trouble. Windows Security comes built-in if you have Windows 10 installed on your system. Though it is safe compared to the other versions of Windows, it still lacks several protection features. The ‘Real-Time Protection’ offered by Windows 10 isn’t real-time at all. It lacks at providing security against the most recent online threats.

If you really want to be protected against viruses and malware, then we recommend that you install anti-virus software on your device today. Anti-virus services have specialized teams that work 24/7 to keep your device safe from all kinds of threats. These services are way better at detecting and eliminating threats as soon as they emerge on the internet.

#2 – Get a Windows VPN

Now that you’ve ensured the internal security of your device with an anti-virus, we suggest that you do the same for its external security. When connected to the internet, your device is vulnerable to all kinds of online threats that can affect the security and privacy of your online communications. This is where a VPN for Windows can come in.

VPNs come in various forms. Some are ordinary proxies that only offer access to some inaccessible websites. Others are more advanced and can offer robust online privacy and security features. For instance, if you’ve got PureVPN installed on your system, then you can enjoy the end-to-end encryption feature that it has on offer. When turned on, your online traffic starts passing through encrypted protocols that can act like tunnels and keep your data safe from all external threats. This keeps your online traffic secure from most external threats.

#3 – Always keep Automatic Updates On

We all hate Windows Update. It slows down your system, eats up a lot of your online data, and updates start installing at the most inconvenient of times. As frustrating as it might be, Windows Update is important for the security of your device. This is because most of the security updates are actually security patches that cover up the most dangerous loopholes in your OS. These patches can help protect your system from viruses and other threats.

The same applies to the other software that you have installed on your device. These services release periodic updates that contain important security patches. So, make sure that you always keep automatic updates on at all times.


Now you know how to keep your work PC safe at all times. These steps are sure to keep your PC secure at all times.

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