CBD Can Reverse Ageing Process: Secret to Defying Ageing Unleashed

CBD Can Reverse Ageing Process: Secret to Defying Ageing Unleashed

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Beauty brands offer a plethora of products that guarantee to tighten the skin, diminishing the ugly signs of aging.

From the 7-step Korean facial regime and beauty hauls based on charcoal, every product promises flawless skin. It seems as though everyone is in search of a regime that incorporates ingredient-stuffed products or layering on a concoction of all that they see in the market.

However, what if there was one key ingredient that these facial products miss. One that can do de-puff and firm like no other available. It’s all-natural and has various uses and advantages. Cannabis!

There’s actually no catch. There’s an entire line of face creams that are consolidating either THC or CBD into their formula to boost the effectiveness of their anti-aging properties. CBD oil is an inconceivably successful antioxidant, considerably more so than vitamin C and E—an essential antioxidant ingredient found in numerous anti-aging skincare products. Truth be told, it’s a particularly viable antioxidant that the U.S. federal government published a patent (US6630507B1) on it, referring to its capacity to treat “age-related, inflammatory, and autoimmune disease,” all of which can negatively affect your skin.

“With its phenomenal antioxidant properties, CBD can diminish the obvious signs of aging. By neutralizing free-radicals harm and decreasing the appearance of inflammation, topical application of CBD anti-aging creams noticeably reduces issues like wrinkles, skin dullness, and uneven skin tone, leaving your skin supple and soft,” says Vesna Vrankovic, Co-Founder of Our Hempco, an emerging skincare brand that is known for growing their own organic hemp to produce high-quality CBD oil and Hemp products including beauty and lifestyle products. The brand additionally has a CBD product range for pets.

Dubai-based international model and entrepreneur, Vesna Vrankovic has worked with many high-end beauty brands, including Tom Ford beauty, Mac Cosmetics and Estée Lauder throughout her 20+ year modeling career.

Vrankovic, as a former model, has always been conscious about her health and beauty. However, she always advises people to opt for quality products and never compromise on skin products. As an advocate for healthy living and lifestyle, she supports the use of CBD in skincare in light of its numerous benefits.

Vrankovic explains that the other advantage of CBD oil is that it has been found to have huge soothing properties. “Its considerable skin-calming and skin-normalizing impacts can help limit issues identified with skin sensitivity, including redness and reactivity. Since all skin types are influenced daily by environmental stressors, CBD’s calming component can help hold everybody’s skin under check,” she says.

“It is difficult to stop time; no matter how hard we try, we all get older. There are inner and outside factors that add to skin aging. Practically 90% of the harm is brought about by the outer climate like the sun and pollution. Inside, the damage can be ascribed to our inner collagen production system, which works against us as we age,” says Vrankovic.

Studies show that as we get older, collagen creation decays. The collagen creation is assessed to decrease by 1% consistently after we hit our twenties and increments after we turn 30. Known as an abundant protein in the body, Collagen assists with giving structure and vitality to our skin, hair, nails, bones, and tendons.

Vrankovic explains that as collagen creation eases back down, the wholeness in the body parts declines, bringing about sagging skin, wrinkles, and debilitated bones. Fortunately, according to numerous studies, CBD shows the possibility of hindering the aging process by improving collagen production.

“Additionally, the skin is one compelling barrier against microbial intrusion. Incorporating CBD in your skincare routine can strengthen your barrier, providing immunity against microbial intrusion. It shapes a protective layer on the skin hence giving an additional layer of protection against microbe attack,” concludes Vesna Vrankovic.