Celebrate Holi In An Altogether Different Style In Jaipur: Elephant Festival

Celebrate Holi In An Altogether Different Style In Jaipur: Elephant Festival

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What are your plans for Holi? Are you going to do the same gulal and water celebration? Well, this time it ought to be celebrated differently, after all, we have a long extended Holi break this season. Wherever you are, leave all your work, forget everything and visit Jaipur to bask in the most enthralling festival celebrated here at this time, the Elephant festival.

Celebrate Holi In An Altogether Different Style In Jaipur: Elephant Festival

Take the next flight from your city and fly to Jaipur, to engage yourself in the most enthralling event, celebrated here. If you are coming from Mumbai, check for the cheapest flights from Jaipur to Mumbai, and vice versa, to save some bucks by cutting the overall travelling fare. As there are a number of cashback offers popping up on every other travel app, it would be easy to save a bit. If you live close to Rajasthan, it would be quite convenient to grab a bus or a cab. Being a part of the golden triangle, Jaipur is quite frequently visited by the cabs, which run almost every other day, to and from the city, covering Delhi, Agra and even parts of Gujarat. A number of trains also run to Rajasthan, so if you have time and do not wish to shell out big bucks by the airplane route, then it is best to opt for a train.

Now, talking of the Elephant festival, you must know that the elephants in India, have been given reverence since time immemorial. In fact, many moons ago, when the DevasCelebrate Holi In An Altogether Different Style In Jaipur: Elephant Festival and the Asuras stirred the ocean, in the hope of getting the elixir of life, nine gems (Navratnas) floated on the surface of the ocean, one of which was an elephant. Also, during the time of the Rajput era, the elephants were used to carry the royal and the prestigious personalities to the Amber Palace, and were thus, a symbol of utter importance. Since, then elephants are considered a holy figure in Rajasthan, and treated with care and love.

Hopefully, now you don’t sustain the notion that Rajasthan is all about camels, with the Elephant Festival, dedicated entirely to the elephants.

The festival starts with the royal entry of the elephants, which is a charming sight to behold. The elephants are jazzed up with exquisite and colourful velvet clothes, and adorned with silver ornaments. There tusks are embellished with gold and silver rings, which make them completely charming.The female elephants look breathtakingly beautiful, with anklets adorned on their feet, and ear danglers pierced in their ears. These elephants are also painted with vivid colours, and look very gorgeous. Their heads are imprinted with a tilak of gulal.

The elephants enter the area, in a catwalk fashion and various activities start thereafter. The Elephant Polo, the Elephants dance, the Elephant race, and the fight amongst the elephants, are the major shows here. After these competitions, each round declares a triumph elephant and is awarded. Even the best attired and the best looking elephant is awarded. The entire aura is so happening and lively, cheering the herd of elephants, and viewing the standout one amongst them.

So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate your Holi, with the kindest of the creatures in Jaipur. Happy Holi.