Child food TV ads for dropped because of the online advertisement

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Television was once one of the most effective medium for the advertisement. However, the days are changing with the emerging of the internet. Now most of the renowned food companies are not using television for advertising of children food. They are increasing their marketing by the help of mobile devices and the internet.

Well, with the problems like inflation, the food companies are trying their best to cut down the cost of the advertisement. They also want to make the advertisement effective. As per the statistics is concerned, 51% of the marketing for the food elements of the children are done through online. It clears that the use of the internet for the marketing the children food is increasing rapidly.

The problem of obesity among the children and the teenagers is increasing quite rapidly. Therefore, most of the food companies have extended their helping hands to advertise the perfect food elements for the children and teenage. They have taken the medium of mobile and internet to reach their customers through various advertisements.

The main reason behind online advertising is that it costs lesser than doing the same in the television. There is another reason behind it that the number of mobile devices with internet service is increasing day by day. Therefore, they are advertising about the improved and hygienic baby foods and nutrition foods for teenagers by the help of internet.

Nestle, one of the most reputed brand of food has successfully cut down the cost of advertisement through television. According to the report Nestle now do not advertise their products to the children who are younger than the age of 6. They now only advertise the nutritious food products for the age group of 6 to 11. The boys and girls of this age group are using mobile internet a lot. Therefore, choosing online advertising is an extremely intelligent way of advertising.

As the obesity is becoming quite a huge problem and at the same time the food companies are not in a position to spend huge amount of money for the advertisement, taking out a perfect way has become quite a necessary thing for these companies. The self regulation of the industry is undoubtedly required. Online marketing is becoming a cheaper way of advertisement of the nutritious food products.

It is true that there is the opportunity of increasing more awareness about obesity and taking nutritious foods for the children and teenagers. The food companies have to make more nutritious foods for the child so that they can get relief from the problem of obesity. However, with that, it is also important to advertise those products properly. If online marketing is the cheapest way the companies can surely take it.

According to most of the companies through online marketing they have successfully reached the targeted customer without spending that much of the money which they had to spend to advertise through television. However, at the time of inflation, online marketing has become a great weapon for the companies to advertise the nutritious food for the children and teenagers.