Web Traffic for iOS and Android – Not much different

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A recent study revealed that the rate of web traffic for two competitive tablet and Smartphone software developers has been same for the last six months.  In last six months, none of the software developers has introduced something new or attractive in their products and that is considered as the reason of this same rating of web traffic.

The two developers that was the topic of that study were none other than the two technology-giant – Google and Apple. The report established the fact that both the companies are still standing in the same position where they were six months ago to get web traffic.

Web Traffic for iOS and AndroidThe news has been published by the analytics and advertising company Chitika. The company published a new report taking from the six-month study report developed by Canadian and U.S web traffic reporters. These reporters again collected the information from ad impressions by Android and iOS devices. The most important part of this report is that these two giant companies are standing in same position and no such development is noticed in their growth at least in last half of the year.

Surprisingly both the companies have introduced new set of products in this period still the rate of development is same. Perhaps, the new launches didn’t bring any new attractions for customers that could have changed the scenario.

According to Chitika report, on 27th of November, Apples’ web traffic rate closed on 67 only. It was also mentioned in the report that this rate is only 2% more than from Apple’s starting rate, calculated on May, which is not a big development for a company like Apple.

At the same time, Google’s web traffic rate was just 33 percent only, which is according to ad experts analysis is near about 2% less from where it started.

The experts of the analytics and advertising company concluded that Apple faced this web traffic issue due to releasing two latest models of tablets in short interval. Release of fourth and third generation of tablet though increased company’s share but it didn’t influence the web traffic rate anyhow.

When users get different models on same OSes they don’t think much to get new upgraded devices, which affect web traffic rate negatively, the experts explained.

The experts on the other hand came to this conclusion following other reports, published on share market condition of these two companies, a few weeks ago. It is being expected that Apple is going to face upheavals regarding share market issue in coming months as well.

Other report from ComScore suggests that Apple can get over its rivals, especially Samsung in terms of cell phone and there is a chance to show development in mobile phone share, especially in US.

ABI researchers suggested that the scenario would change a lot in case of tablet style products. The report says that the company has already noticed 14% decline in Tablet share, which is supposed to decline more in next halves. Apple noticed this downfall since introducing the first version of iPad two years back, in 2010.