Choosing The Best Colors In Men's Dress Shoes

Choosing The Best Colors In Men’s Dress Shoes

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Having a pair of good mens footwear of the right color that goes perfectly with their attire is pretty important for men to get the perfect look. “You can judge a person by their shoes,”they say. Well, they are right! A pair of good shoes not only helps you in turning heads; it also turns souls, makes people look down at your feet in complete awe. Your shoes reveal a lot more about you and your personality than you may have realized.

Since shoes are such an important part of your look, it is essential for you to have the right pair to make a great first impression. However, choosing the right colored shoe to match your pants or suit is just as important. Matching the tone of your shoes with your belt adds to your style statement while giving you that fancy, well-tailored, elegant look.Now with numerous e-tailers as well as physical stores hosting a vast variety of shoes for men, selecting your perfect pair is no longer a tedious task but rather is an interesting one.

Choosing The Best Colors In Men's Dress Shoes

Choosing the Right Colored Shoes

It is not essential for you to have a closet packed with different shoes to match your different outfits. An average man can survive with just six pairs of shoes, given that he chooses them wisely. A pair or two of the well-made, perfect black leather mens formal shoes is a must-have for all the business executives out there. In most of the occasions, burgundy or brown colored men’s footwearis ascertained to work with most of your outfits, both formal and semi-formal.

Here are a few guidelines for you to pick out the shoes of the right color:

  1. Black shoes can be worn with almost every dressy outfit to give you that complete celeb red-carpet look.
  2. Brown shoes may not go along with black slacks, but they look perfect when paired up with earth tones. They are considered to be slightly less formal.
  3. Burgundy shoes go perfectly with navy and gray suits.

Matching your shoes with your dress color is absolutely essential. As said above, black leather men’s formal shoes work best with classic suits for black-tie occasions. For those less formal occasions, a pair tan, brown loafers go perfectly with denim and khakis. This might be the perfect occasion for you to wear those casual brown shoes that you absolutely love. A new fashion trend has the world going gaga over white sneakers. These white sneakers can be paired up with ripped jeans and a printed tee to get that complete urban street look. Apart from the color of shoes, it is very essential for the user to keep ones shoes clean, tidy and well maintained. If the shoes are not maintained properly then it will leave an unpleasant impression on other people. It not only degrades your look but also manages to degrade your personality, too. As unfair as it may sound, but the world does judge us by our outward appearance.