College Basketball: The Countdown Begins

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There is absolutely no surprise in the incident that Jake Odum has remained unnoticed nationally. Greg Lansing, the coach of Indiana State reacts in this manner when the reporters asked him about Odum. However, he stated that the senior point guard, Jake Odum, is the person who contributes a lot to bring the team in the top 25 in 2013-2014 season.

College BasketballIt is informed that Odum has returned to Sycamores after a season. After the leaving of Creighton for the Big East, it is predicted that the Missouri Valley will certainly be a one-big league. In addition to this, the ticket of the NCAA tournament would allot for the Final Four finisher of Wichita State. However, it is worth to mention that the experts predicted that Shockers have to face a lot of challenges in the Missouri Valley to a great extent. Moreover, Indiana States enriches with the depth and experience that would allow them to make the Valley an assured two-bid.

It is evident that in the previous season, lack of depth and experience of Sycamores make them unable to hold the strong position especially in the difficult Missouri line up, that finally out of generally bid-consideration. Sources informed that they won only two games out of their last nine games. Enriching with the experience of the previous season, the team members are now confident to overcome the weakness of the last season.

Experts of the game are of the opinion that like the last year, guard is undoubtedly an important strong point after Odum. However, critics expect to view a faster pace this year. It is informed that size can play a vital role in the tournament; hence players have to reduce the number of loose balls, boxing out to a significant extent.

It is certain from the team review that Odum is the most crucial person of the team, who comes back after averaging 13.6 points and 4.6 assists. However, mention must be made of some other players regarding the resourceful forward, Manny Arop who was unable to participate in two vital games last year. Devonte Brown and Dawon Cummings are two other players who showed their wonderful understanding in the backcourt have advanced in productivity this season.

In the last season, junior Mike Samuels could not play any of the game as the result of broken foot. In this season, if he can join the team, it will increase the power of the team to a great extent. Sources informed that Junior college transfer Demetrius Moore, another player who can create the difference.

In the words of Greg Lansing, the coach of Indiana State, in the last season they did not take care of their business properly. Although, NIT is quite good for the team of the school, the aim of the team is to win the championship on consistent basis. Moreover, he added, unlike others, he was not astonished with the fact of Wichita State reached the Final Four and it is remarkable that we won against the team that is enough to prove the strength of the school team.