Common SEO Myths That You Need To Know

4 mins read

There are some myths related to SEO that we need to debunk, if we want to get more results. There are things that you should consider, if you want to achieve proper things, such as more sales. One myth that can be destructive to your SEO performance is that the more links you have the better it is. In reality, inbound links can be consisted of many things and it is important to know that they have different degree of quality. Not all inbound links are useful for your efforts and some can be rather bad. You may consider yourself lucky if links that you obtain from unknown sources have zero values. In many cases, they may come from webpages with bad reputation and this could cause significant degradation in website ranking, which can be quite bad for you.

You may get irrelevant inbound links if your jewelry website gets links from home construction websites. It may mean that your backlinks will have zero values and this is something that you shouldn’t have too much. It is important that you get inbound backlinks from highly qualified websites. If you want to exchange links with other websites, you need to be quite selective with your efforts and it is important not to overdo it. You should seek only quality websites that are relevant with your overall topics. It is also often considered a misconception that you need to manually submit your website to search engines. In reality, search engine bots actively follow through all links. So, if you have properly collect enough inbound links to your websites. It is likely that bots will eventually reach your site.

Many people wrongly think that they can get higher ranking by cramming their website full of various keywords. In reality, it can be rather problematic for readers to read content with improper keyword repetition. Keyword stuffing is a practice that you need to avoid whenever possible. Stuffing too much keyword into your website can be rather unprofessional and ridiculous, so it is important that you avoid it. Your primary goal is to make sure that people are comfortable when visiting your website and any attempt to trick search engine bots won’t bring satisfactory results. Often, by creating content naturally, you will be able to have proper keyword density without making any kind of artificial changes. Adding too much keyword can be a bad thing for your SEO performance. It is important that your web copy is informative, professional and natural.

Another myth is to think that duplicate content will automatically get you banned. In reality, this isn’t true and duplicate content issue can be a problem, if you do it in an exaggerated way. It is possible to use some duplicate content as a way to provide users with references that can complement your original content. Once duplicated content is discovered in your website, the search engine algorithm will determine whether you claim the content as yours and it becomes your primary information. This is not an accurate thing and in many cases, mixing your content with a few duplicate content won’t do harm. Again, you should do this only to benefit users and increase their overall comprehension.