Common Solutions to a Common Android Problem

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One of the most frustrating things that Android owners experience is a lack of battery life. As is for all smart phones, it seems the advertised battery life doesn’t seem to be anywhere near what battery life you actually get. This could be for a number of reasons, and some might be avoidable while others aren’t.

If you feel like you’ve had serious problems with your Android’s battery lately, you might be searching the web for a solution. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these solutions to one of the most obnoxious problems that Android owners face: insufficient battery life.

The Snapdragon BatteryGuru App

One solution to many common battery issues lies in the form of an app available to download for your Android. This new Android battery app actually works in the background of your phone to increase your battery life. After you download the app, all you need to do is use your phone, and after a few days the app will let you know it’s learned your phone habits and will kick into use.

The app has a great rating on the Google Play store, mainly because it requires no interaction to help increase your battery life. It’s a great app to just download and forget about, and get better battery life for as long as you have your phone.

Keep Your Phone on the Windowsill

Something as simple as where you keep your phone when you’re at home or work can severely affect your battery life, and if you make adjustments it should improve. By keeping your phone on a windowsill, it will be able to connect to the cell towers much more easily, meaning it won’t waste extra battery life trying to get a signal.

Obviously you shouldn’t go out of your way to keep your phone at a windowsill (if you have a desk in the middle of an office, it’ll be awkward to run to the window every time your phone rings), but if you’re able to then you should. When you’re at your desk, keep your phone on your desk and not in your pocket, so it has an easier path to pick up the signal. Something so simple could solve some of your battery issues.

Deactivate Automatic Wi-Fi Connect

Every time you leave your work office and head home, your phone disconnects from your office Wi-Fi and then connects to your home Wi-Fi when you get home. Every time you connect or disconnect from a network, your battery is drained. What makes things worse is that your phone will try to connect to Wi-Fi networks on your way from work to home.

Your phone will attempt to connect to the Starbucks Wi-Fi network, the network on the subway, and any other network in between. Obviously finding wireless networks is helpful, but if you’re simply commuting between two places it’s not necessary. Disconnecting the automatic connect will mean your device only connects to wireless networks that it’s been authorized to connect to. It won’t waste battery searching for Wi-Fi networks, which means a better battery life in the long run.

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