5 Reasons Your Travel Blog Is Not Getting Traffic

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A great way to catalog your travels around the world is to blog about it. Your blog should build a following if you promote it, but with so many other travel blogs you’ll have stiff competition.

Hundreds of people around the world write travel blogs and get the benefits of meeting fantastic people and documenting their travels. They also build an excited audience of people who visit the blog as an opportunity to escape from the mundane.

As you catalog your travels, you’ll want to know that people are reading, viewing your photos and sharing with friends. This is a rewarding aspect of writing a blog after all. But what if you’re not getting the traffic and shares on social network that you expected?

Keep in mind that your blog won’t be an overnight success, but there are some things that might keep your blog from getting the traffic you need. Five of those reasons are discussed below.

You Post Too Often

Yes, this is one niche where posting too often could affect your traffic. The same is true if you’re not posting enough. You need to find the right balance for posting. Your current readers will possibly leave your blog if you publish posts every day because most readers will probably follow other travel blogs as well, and it’s a lot to keep up with. On the other hand, posting often will increase your likelihood of getting more traffic from the search engines. The quality of the posts will determine if those readers come back for more.

Your Posts Are Too Long

Writing a travel blog is more complicated than it looks. You’ll have to find the time to update your blog in the midst of your travels. Then there’s the management of the blog itself; responding to email and comments could take up a chunk of time. Make it easy on yourself and your readers. Stick to short but informative posts with lot of pictures so readers could experience your travels.

You’re Not Using Photos

A travel blog must be visual. You’ll need to include photos to communicate the things that words can’t. If your readers were to travel to the places you visited, they’ll want to experience the place visually before they do. Your travel blog must provide the visuals they need.

You Talk Too Much

Well, that statement should be you write too much. And you’re writing about the wrong things. Keep in mind that readers visit your blog to get details on the places you visit – places that they might one day visit. Sure they might be interested in your personal experiences but don’t overdo it. Share your stories if it in some way highlights the place you visited.

You Don’t Read Other Travel Blogs

Reading and commenting on other travel blogs will ensure that the publisher and other readers visit your blog as well. It is one of the best and fastest ways to increase the traffic coming in to your blog.

Loren has written this article for Louis Habash who is a Professor Of Philosophy At King’s College in NYC.