Desert Safari Dubai - Combining Adventure With Serenity

Desert Safari Dubai – Combining Adventure With Serenity

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The vast deserts of Arabia is always an enchanting place for the visitors and natives alike. It is a place where people gather to have fun and adventure. One of the best desert safari Dubai company, The DayOutDubai delivers the wildest adventure experiences. One can choose from the three Desert Safari packages offered by the company.

The morning desert safari is for the beauty seekers as the trip starts early at dawn. The evening desert safari offers a mix of thrill and fun for a day. The night desert safari is for the tranquil minds where they spend a night at the camp in a tent having the most peaceful night in the desert after the adventure dune bashing. The highlight of the desert safari is surely the dune bashing. A ride in a 4×4 Landcruiser through sand dunes is the one of a kind craze only seen in Arabian deserts. An experienced driver will move the vehicle through the dunes and make splashes of sand with it.

The sudden up and down drive makes anyone sit at the edge of his or her seat. This safe and insured safari is seen as the most gripping and endearing interests in Dubai. After this astounding trip, the vehicle enters the camp in the middle of the desert.

Sandboarding is one of the fun activities guests get to try before entering the camp. Innocent people sliding down from the top of a huge sand dune is fun to watch. Don’t get too scared of falling down from the board, because it is definitely safe and fun to plunge into the smooth sands.

One might also get some interesting expressions if photographed. The camel riding is also an exciting experience, especially for the first-timers. Camel riding is a great opportunity to learn the knack of the balance of a camel for the curious novices. One of the unique pastimes at the desert safari campsite is holding the falcon. This mighty bird will allow you to experience its strong claws on your hand. You might get a chance to capture a beautiful picture in your mobile or camera holding the falcon.

Quad biking is a thrilling experience to try, but one has to pay extra for the activity as it is not insured by the desert safari company. The best desert safari Dubai camp awaits visitors with a pack of arrangements to cool down the beating hearts of visitors after the dune bashing. With the sheesha area and a mini bar along with various traditional Bedouin style stalls, the desert safari camp welcome visitors with luxury and coziness.

Ladies can get the feel of Henna on their hands by an expert Henna designer and try out the traditional Arabic clothes like Kandura and Abaya and see the magic for oneself. In addition to this leisure, the desert safari camp has some enthralling performances by talented artists along with a delightful barbeque dinner in store.

The Tanoura Dance is a hypnotic performance originated from Egypt, where the performer swirls in diverse angles and style. The lights and color on the performer’s attire surely have a magnetic charm when he rotates. The inescapable resemblance of Tanoura dance to the Darwish whirling is an evidence of the mystic origins of the art form. The belly dance delivers an energetic and dynamic experience that brings back the picnic feel of the atmosphere.

After the Belly dance, Guests can indulge themselves in the delicious barbeque dinner and get ready to enjoy the surprise event of the evening, the fire show. The fire show is familiar for most of the people but not close up as in the desert safari camp. The performer juggling and dancing with fire sticks with great accuracy and speed is a shocker for the most.

The slight heat of the fire felt by the audience makes will register the performance deep into their hearts. The captivating music with the interesting fire show draws the attention more than other performances. The desert safari wraps up after the fire show. The same Land-cruiser that had picked the guests up from the residence will now drop them off at the same place. There will be enough time for the guests to share the excitement of the day with the best desert safari in Dubai.