Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

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There is a topic that many people never really want to talk about and that is when they get in trouble with the law and the hiring of a lawyer to defend them in court. Often it is a simple matter of they are not sure if they will need a lawyer or not and they then go off and make a half thought decision that actually can do more harm than it can good. In this case you will want to know the things that you should be doing when seeking out a lawyer that you are going to use in your criminal case. Having most of the information in this case will allow you to avoid many of the mistakes that people tend to make on a regular basis. These mistakes are often times what will lead to them being found guilty of the charges instead of getting them dropped. So let us take a look at a few of the things that you need to know when it comes to the hiring process and if you really need a lawyer or is it something that you can defend on your own.

Minor Cases

There are two types of cases that a person will generally experience major criminal cases and minor criminal cases. The minor ones are going to be the first types of cases that you will want to look at. These types of cases are your general drunk driving cases or driving without a license or insurance cases. While these may not seem like a criminal case, they are and except for a drunk driving case, you will not need a lawyer for these minor cases. Even a drunk driving case you can if you plan on pleading guilty get away without a lawyer. While these cases are seemingly easy, there is the other side of things that you will need to worry about and that is the more serious cases where a person is facing felony charges. That will be discussed in the next section.

Serious Charges

If a person is not so lucky, then they may be facing more serious charges and as such will need a more experienced lawyer that is experienced in dealing with the exact type of charges that you are dealing with. Not all criminal defense lawyers are experienced with all aspects of the law. There are several types of cases that a lawyer that deals with criminal cases will not be certified in or have enough experience to give you the right level of defense that you deserve. Talk to any potential lawyer that you are thinking about using and see what their amount of experience that they have with your type of case. You will also want to make sure that you talk to the lawyer and see what their fees will be for representing you in your case, many of these will require some sort of retainer fee and as such you need to know what this will be so you will not be surprised. When you go to select a lawyer, make sure that you do your research carefully and are not just making a decision based on the first person you come across.

Regardless of what charges you are looking at, you can take comfort in having the right lawyer to help you face and get past the charges that you are dealing with. It is easy to see how having the right lawyer in your corner will make all the difference in you either being found not guilty or guilty of the charges you are facing. The right lawyer will be all the difference with these types of cases.