Drinking Green Tea Can Battle Cancer

Drinking Green Tea Can Battle Cancer

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Cancer can be prevented by drinking tea. In Japan, people drink tea often and cancer cases are less seen there. Researchers are yet to prove that tea prevents cancer. Research shows that antioxidant named polyphenols are present in tea considerably help in fighting this cause. The objective of this article is to study the linkage between tea and some kinds of cancer.

Not many case studies have been done to establish a link between green tea as well as cancer of the bladder. A research article has found out that the ladies who drink tea had lesser chance to suffer from this ailment. However men who consumed tea had a great degree of surviving over a time span of five years.

Testing on animals has determined that polyphenols present in tea helps to stop development of cells which affect breast cancer. Case studies show that women who drink tea in large amounts are less prone to cancer. Cancer was detected early in ladies before menopause had been reached. When the ladies drank green tea continually, cancer did not occur again. Ladies with ovarian cancer lived for a longer time when they drank tea every day as compared to those who did not drink it.

There have not been any definite results for colorectal cancer. Lot more research needs to be done in order to establish whether tea has any favorable effect.

The same holds true for esophageal cancer. Testing on human beings has not produced positive results like in animals. There have many studies that shows that green tea leads to greater risks. This is particularly true in case tea is drunk very hot. More research needs to be carried out prior to suggestions that green tea can act as an inhibitor of this ailment.

Contradictory results have been obtained for stomach cancer, lung as well as prostate cancer. Extensive research needs to be done in order to establish the link between these ailments and consumption of tea.

More optimism exists when green tea effects on pancreatic as well as skin cancers are studied. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), the polyphenols in green tea, are said to be inhibitors of development as well as appearance of skin tumors. Some studies show benefits of green tea; others do not show any distinctive effects.

Distinctively more research needs to be done. At present no clear evidences are present which speaks for or against green tea to help fight this ailment. The merits depend on this question. Research continues and will continue till heal or a prevention is revealed.


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