DSL, Fiber Optics And Satellite – The Contemporary Faces Of Internet

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Remember the old days when connecting to the Internet used to be a momentous task requiring proper planning! Those were the days of the dull and dreary dial up. Characterized by the harsh connection noises, dial up connections were very slow and unreliable. However, those days are long gone; broadband is synonymous with Internet these days, and is a much faster and reliable alternative to accessing Internet. Also, users have a good basket of options in the form of DSL, fiber optic and satellite based Internet services. Here, we try to introduce you to these different forms of Internet connection methods. Not only will you be able to appreciate the fine boundaries that separate these techniques, you’ll also be able to identify the ideal method while purchasing Internet services in the future.

DSL Internet   

DSL was a remarkable improvement over the standard dial up Internet. Although DSL requires the use of a phone line, but using the Internet in the DSL connection does not mean that the phone line goes engaged. Also, irrespective of the Internet being consumed by your neighbors, the speed you have with DSL remains fairly stable. However, there is a slight problem with DSL Internet, and that is the fact that the speed of Internet tends to go down as you begin to move away from the base of the Internet service provider. Also, the DSL Internet connection is generally slower as compared to the cable. So, the distance between the office of the provider and the place where you intend to use your Internet connection is a major consideration if you are planning to go for a DSL internet connection. DSL is not as readily available for connection as the cable Internet.

Fiber Optics

Although available in limited markets, fiber optic Internet is a huge advancement over conventional cable based internet methods. Companies of the likes of AT&T, Verizon and Qwest provide such services. The speed of data transfer is large, and so is the distance over which transmission takes place. Also, since the diameter and weight of these cables is less, they make for perfect alternatives to several cabling applications. Being made from glass, there is little interference in the cables, so the connections established are more stable. The price of fiber optics based Internet is comparable to DSL connections, and less than that for cable. Expect superior performance from fiber optics based Internet solutions as compared to any other. However, because of the fact these are only available in limited markets, fiber optics services in Internet have not become overly popular.

Satellite Internet

Ever wondered how people residing in rural areas get access to Internet? Since they do not have access to broadband channels, they are only left with the satellite enabled Internet connections, as far as high speed internet is concerned. Downloading in satellite based internet connections is almost equivalent to DSL in terms of speed. However, the speed if uploading is a trouble, and other than basic surfing, heavy file uploaders tend to be dissatisfied with such services.

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