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Eco Friendly Locations In The US

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As we educate ourselves more about the threats to the environment and rediscover the benefits of living close to Mother Nature, a versatile modern public transport system, cleanliness and less pollution tops the list of demands from urban US city dwellers to their state governments. As a result, US city municipalities are concentrating hard on improving the quality of life. These US cities boost off the most Eco-friendly maturity.

a) Portland, Oregon

Portland offers beautiful natural landscapes and a healthy lifestyle to its tourists. Its major source of energy is solar power and hydroelectricity. The city offers lots of green space where one can enjoy the day out in the open green. Hotel Hilton Portland is world renowned for green products and environment-friendly solid waste management system Portland sells organic foods, accessories, craft work in the Saturday market.

b) Oakland, California

Oakland is the Fourth Greenest City in the US. Oakland has got few hotels as well as airports with Eco friendly certifications. The city boasts of Eco-friendly public transportation system. Oakland’s consistent presence in the list of top US green cities proves its constant endeavour to go green. Most residents live in downtown areas as encouraged by government bodies. The citizens, mainly use bikes and public transportation for commuting.

Eco Friendly Locations In The US

c) Eugene, Oregon

Eugene City also known as Emerald City is beautiful and green. The residents’ strive hard to make the place greener. Green energy sources such as wind and hydro contribute to 85% of the energy needs. The residents eat only organic foods. They buy groceries and other consumables from local markets. University of Oregon offers studies on environmental conservation courses. The city is featured with large number of hiking paths and green parks. We would strongly recommend visiting Eugene. Oregon as this could be one of your most memorable travel experiences ever.

d) Austin, Texas

Austin with its beautiful parks, clean water bodies and scenic views is one of the most preferred US destinations for tourists worldwide. Austin is very much friendly to man’s best friend — dogs. Smoking is banned in public places and annual tree planting schemes are a few of the Eco friendly measures that have been undertaken over the years. Even the garbage collection trucks are fuelled by natural gas so that it leads to less carbon foot prints.

e) Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii apart from being popular for its beaches is also world renowned for its clean environment with very less air pollution. The city’s local markets are growing steadily in line with its green visions. Organic goods are sold at reasonable prices implying a big NO to imports and chemical-filled products. If you are visiting the US, ensure you visit most of these places. These cities are not only popular for its pollution free environment, but also for its warm people. If you are fortunate enough of being the citizen of one of the 38 countries that participate in the US ESTA (VISA waiver program), it is usually recommended that you submit an authorization request at least three days (72 hours) before travelling to the US.