Energy And Money Saving Tips

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Over the past few years more and more companies and people have been discussing the importance of having an energy efficient home both in terms of protecting the environment but also protecting your bank balance. I thought I would take the opportunity to write an article that covers some energy and money saving tips when it comes to the heating in your home.

This is certainly not meant to be a conclusive list of ways that you can save money, however, I hope to introduce a few good ideas that are simple to act upon and that will make a difference.

Let’s get started.

Turning Your Heating Down

By turning down your heating by as little as 1° C you will begin to reduce the heat that you are using and save money in the process. 1° C would be barely noticeable to your senses, but over time it would be noticeable to your heating bills.

Energy And Money Saving Tips

Only Heat Certain Rooms

If there are rooms in your home that you very rarely use then you could be wasting money by heating them on a regular basis. With modern central heating systems and radiators you can individually set the temperature of each room so that rooms which are not frequented will not use up unnecessary heat.

Replace Your Old Boilers

Any boilers at over 15 years old are not going to be anywhere near as energy efficient or reliable income compared to a modern boiler. You should consider having a replacement installed, which will be much more energy efficient and cost-effective as well as taking up less space in your home.

Don’t Cover Radiators

Covering up your radiators can prevent people from getting out into the room and you will therefore need to turn up your heating in order for the room to get to the required level. Things like towels or furniture can absorb heat and this will ultimately cost you more money in the long run.

Use Draft Excluders

These can be used around the bottom of your doors, but also on your letter-box where people commonly escape from.

Take Advantage of Government Schemes

There are a number of schemes run intermittently by the government, which will assist with the cost of insulating your home. These can give you dramatic savings when compared to having the work completed privately and will again help to prevent heat from escaping your home.

Window Dressings

This is one of the lesser contemplated options, however, having the right window blinds installed can help to regulate the temperature within your home by keeping excess heat out in the summer and by keeping the heat in during the winter months.

Everything that I have mentioned it in this article, with the exception of replacing your boiler, is very affordable and simple to do.

It would be advisable for you to walk around your home with a pen and paper, and make notes of all of the areas that you can improve on based on this information. You might well be surprised at how many areas there are where heat is being allowed to escape and therefore costing you money.