Effects Of Greenhouse Gases On Your Health

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Global warming has proved to be a serious public health concern based on the number of people affected by the greenhouse gases. The rise in greenhouse gases concentrations has been leading to a high rise of temperatures in the world. This has lead to changes in weather patterns and low quality air in the atmosphere. Global warming has become so huge that nations are trying to find a solution to this problem which has been caused by release of industrial gases and other chemical wastes in the atmosphere. This has in turn affected the atmospheric air lowering its quality thus exposing people to respiratory and other related diseases. California is one of the country experiencing massive air pollution which has caused a drop in the quality of air and the problem is getting even worse with the ongoing global warming.

Ozone (O3)

One of the most dangerous greenhouse gases is the Ozone (O3) which is highly reactive as it chemically reacts with the tissue in the lung thus damaging the tissues. This leads to difficulties in breathing as the gas is extremely harmful to breathe. Polluted air is also known to cause asthma related problems which a fatal and other respiratory diseases as most of these gases contain toxic substances which affects the body. Children in polluted areas have been the most affected recording reduced lung function and retarded growth. This is evident in that most kids in these areas skip school dues to respiratory issues. The number of cases in the hospitals has risen over time as more people are affected by the greenhouse gases.

Effects Of Greenhouse Gases On Your Health

Pre-mature Birth

Pre-mature birth cases has risen over the years especially in the areas hit by global warming as emission of gases like carbon monoxide affects the foetus. Children born to mothers in these areas have low weights and may develop congenital birth defects. This affects the child’s growth and learning capability.

Lung Cancer

Greenhouse gases emissions have been linked to one of the rising causes of cancer. Lung cancer is mostly common as it’s usually caused by air pollution. These hazardous gases chemically react with the lung cells causing an accelerated growth of cells thus causing lung cancer. An exposure to UV radiations has been linked with some types of cancer especially skin cancer which is extremely dangerous.UV radiations have also been known to lead to eye cataracts. Temperature increase has also been known to cause heat stroke which can be dangerous and also causes severe dehydration.

With the emission of effluent wastes and hazardous gases, risk of consuming food grown in these areas is high as it leads to further exposure of the harmful effects. Risks of airborne diseases are also high considering the amounts of the gases emmitted.The European country has offered ehic cards to all its citizens in the participating countries, which is issued free of charge and allows those insured to get free medical treatment for free in another states for free at a reduced cost. Its important to have an Ehic card because it greatly helps even when facing financial difficulties.