Enjoy The Adventure Of Trekking Himalayan Foothills

Enjoy The Adventure Of Trekking Himalayan Foothills

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Over a couple of years, there has been a drastic change in the weather conditions due to global warming. Most people wish to take a long weekend break from the rising temperature by going to places close to Mother Nature. Just imagine how relaxing and soothing it would be around the natural surroundings. One such thing that you can enjoy is trekking Himalayan foothills. Many assume that trekking can be just enjoyed by someone who is pretty adventurous. Well, that’s all in mind, isn’t that so?

Nowadays, there have been several new ways to have a good time in the Himalayas: cottages at Ram Nagar resorts in close proximity to nature for all the nature lovers who love to enjoy the scenic view while relaxing in the luxury.

Jim Corbett National Park has always fascinated many vacationers across the globe not only because of the wildlife, but for trekking, exhilarating jungle camps, and much more.

While trekking here you would be marvelled by the culture and nearby scenery and accommodations for those who wish to chill out viewing the natural life. After all, who doesn’t love to view the beautiful scenic hills with an exceptional experience of seeing wildlife and bird species in their natural surroundings?

Trekking through exquisite unmapped forests with some unforgettable landscapes walks will also give you a glimpse of how people in this beautiful place live and architecture as well.

Enjoy The Adventure Of Trekking Himalayan Foothills

If you really wish to have a memorable experience in Jim Corbett, then you need to plan your visit a bit in advance. Visiting a place doesn’t mean you just need to pack your bags and straight away go there.  You need to check out the accommodation provision available there. With the increase in tourism, you can find lot many rooms at Ram Nagar resorts for a relaxing stay. So, booking the rooms in advance is always wise to avoid last minute hassle.

Another important thing that you need to decide about this trip is to choose among the given below:

–       Drive straight from Delhi to Pangot. It will take around 8 hrs by road.

–       Or you go by train as it takes around 6 hours to reach this place. Once you reach Kathgodam station, you need to hire a private vehicle to reach the main place.

For trekking, you need to hire the company or guide in advance. Initially, these guides will take you to Cheena Peak. Usually, the tour guide takes the visitors through a local house to see a splendid view of Corbett National Park and the local area. After that, the next place that you will be going to is Dhamdhamiya’ and Akhorwadi’( you will be amazed to see walnut trees and woodpecker and other birds.)

Naina Peak (which is approximately 2311 m) is another place that you would enjoy because of the spectacular panoramic view of the Himalayas and can see the peaks with a telescope.

Isn’t that all incredible to explore different areas in one long weekend trip? If you are planning to visit Jim Corbett this weekend, book your rooms at affordable Ram Nagar resorts for a relaxing weekend trip.