Environmental Tourism: Top Holiday Destinations

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In many ways, an eco-vacation is a lot like any overseas travel, except that its purpose is to learn about the location and do it no harm. Environmental tourism has become increasingly popular as more people understand the fragility of the environment and its various habitats. If you want to travel the world and experience an environmentally friendly trip, consider heading to the following holiday destinations that are ideal for eco travelers. Don’t forget to engage a trip advisor on DateRussia.com where you can meet someone who is equally enthused about taking and eco-friendly trip.

Masai Mara Park Reserve, Kenya

Home to some majestic large game, the Masai Mara Park Reserve in Kenya is the perfect place to witness lions and cheetahs in their natural habitat. By vacationing in this holiday destination, travelers can also help protect it through their brand of environmental tourism. Supporting the park and its conservation efforts is the best way to ensure that this part of the world remains pristine.

Environmental Tourism: Top Holiday Destinations

Belize Reefs

If you want to experience a tropical eco vacation, head to the coral reef systems off Belize for an aquatic overseas adventure. The protected reefs are home to a dazzling array of wildlife. By signing up for a travel tour, you’ll be guided to some of the best snorkeling and dive spots. You and your travel companion can soak up the sun while enjoying the timeless beauty of this far-flung locale.

Kerala, India

The small Indian state of Kerala, India is filled with virgin forests and amazing wildlife like elephants. As one of the best holiday destinations to experience Asian wildlife in a stunning location, Kerala is home to the Lake Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary that attracts many world travelers with its hundreds of unique animal species.

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