Transform Your Patio and Backyard Into A Green Oasis

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Is your house and garden as eco-friendly as it could be? If you love to entertain or simply want to better enjoy your house and garden in more environmentally friendly ways, consider these tips for transforming your backyard setting. You can also check out to connect with other environmental enthusiasts who are trying to make in a difference in their homes too. When you register on, you’ll find lots of beautiful women who love to discuss gardening, interior design, eco-friendly design, and so much more.

Transform Your Patio and Backyard Into A Green Oasis

Solar Power Lighting Features

For evening barbecues and get-togethers, solar-powered lighting is a great money-saving feature that can light your nights effectively. Having gathered up solar energy during the day, these light fixtures designed for patio and garden can provide all the light you need for entertaining your guests. Moreover, you don’t have to be a handyman to install them! New designs are simple to hang up anywhere in your backyard.

The Deck

You can make your deck more environmentally friendly by installing one made from renewable materials like bamboo. Bamboo is uniquely suited to moisture-rich locations. Incredibly strong and durable, bamboo is a perfect choice for decks and patio stairs. If you prefer to use hard wood to build your deck, simply make sure that the wood has been farmed in environmentally responsible ways. You’ll love your garden world when you can enjoy it from the comfort of a new deck.


Be sure to outfit your deck and patio with eco-friendly furnishings too. For instance, you can reuse vintage garden furniture and save it from a landfill. Sprucing up old patio furniture is a great home improvement project for your landscape. If you prefer new furnishings, just take care that you choose items made from renewable materials.


When choosing plants to complement your backyard parties, it’s often a matter of taste. However, did you know that mosquitoes have a natural aversion to plants like marigolds and lemon grass? You can install plants that repel insects to better enjoy your garden! You can also plant an herbal garden so you always have fresh and healthful ingredients to cook with.

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