Eugene Bernshtam Suggests On How To Maintain Your Classic Car Intact Overtime

Eugene Bernshtam Suggests On How To Maintain Your Classic Car Intact Overtime

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Maintenance is a primary concern and a headache for the majority of car owners. These cars are traditional iconic vehicles, which are high maintenance. Years of rough use and unavailability of old machinery and parts has made it more forlorn. Such cars take a toll on you. As per Eugene Bernshtam that as much as you are proud of owning and readily flaunt it at every avenue, it’s quite a daunting task to maintain it in perfect shape – all healthy and hearty, fully functional.

While most people who own classic cars, whether vintage or not know how to care for it, there are quite a few who full short in this department. They may know the details of the upkeep but they can’t seem to do it the right way. It certainly requires more understanding of nature and builds of these classic cars to maintain it in proper shape. For this purpose, we have compiled a list of things, which needs to be done to maintain your classic car over the time. Keep this in mind and your car is as good as new.

  • Keep out of natural forces and run regular check-ups

Classic cars are more to damage hence they are best kept covered, out of contact with the natural forces like air, wind, rain etc. While these ordinary things don’t damage a car, they can do potential damages to classic cars, which over time becomes irreversible. The air and the rain will cause rusting of car parts, which in the long run will harm you. As these car parts are rare and unlikely to be replaced hence they need to be maintained in pristine conditions as much as possible. Same holds true for the wind which causes scratches and dents, resulting in lasting damages. Mere protecting the car with a covering isn’t enough you need to run check-ups regularly. The job isn’t done just by covering it and placing it in a garage shield, it needs to be regularly checked by professionals from the field, vehicle experts, and professional mechanics.

  • Regular in-depth cleaning and waxing

As per Bernshtam that cleaning and waxing, a car is essential to keep it in good shape. However, this task has to be done more frequently if you have a classic car. Such cars need more care and protection to remain viable. So, accordingly, you need to thoroughly clean and wash each and every corner of the car. The bents and the corners require special care and hence should be double-checked. After this, a full coat painting and waxing of the car is essential to keep it new. While the painting and waxing can be done in every 6 months, the cleaning needs to be done on a regular basis, at least once a weak.

  • Take care of the engine and take it for a ride

Lastly, take care of the heart of the car, the engine. Keep a check to see if it is making any noises or reacting to the lubricant. Take it for a ride occasionally. Just keeping it idle in a safe and secure place will do more harm than good. It will make it out of practice and it won’t function properly. So, in order to keep it functional and useful, you need to run it for a while.