Every Business, Big or Small, Needs a Digital Marketer

3 mins read

The market place is becoming more digital with time, and technology is progressively evolving. The merits of digital marketing are becoming more prevalent by the day, and many consumers are researching and purchasing products online. As per Forbes, up to 82% of the consumers do their research online and 79% shop online.

So the best way to reach these consumers is to make good use of digital marketing. You now see many small businesses trying to engage their consumers online by implementing digital marketing tactics. The digital marketing budget in the market seems to be on the rise, and 2021 is set to see a rise of up to $332 billion in the field. This is all because digital marketing has proven time and time again to be the most cost-effective way to get to potential customers.

If you are wondering why there is so much fuss surrounding this field it is because there are several reasons to back it up:

Low cost

Marketing and advertising costs are one of the biggest financial burdens that the business has to bear. Though it might not be much of a hassle for large businesses, it can be quite taxing for smaller enterprises. Considering it is the way a lot of businesses are able to promote their products and get their customers aware of their availability, not having access to cheaper promotional options can be a nightmare. Digital marketing is far from an affordable option when compared to traditional marketing. They create great impact whilst not breaking the bank.

More return on investment

For every business, the endgame is that the return on investment is high. This works well when it comes to digital marketing because it tends to offer considerable returns on smaller investments. Running advertising campaigns on social media and email marketing cost considerably less when compared to traditional methods of marketing


The success of digital marketing is very easy to measure. As compared to traditional marketing where you have to wait for a while to really be able to deduce the effect it has had on customers, digital marketing will let you know immediately how an ad is performing online. There are several social media tools, Facebook has one in0-built, such as Google Analytics that provide details and statistics on the minutest factors. For example, Google AdWords manager allows its users to be able to monitor how their ads are performing with the people and how many have viewed it.

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