How Is The Fatal Pandemic Reshaping Digital Marketing?

How Is The Fatal Pandemic Reshaping Digital Marketing?

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As Covid-19 spreads, digital marketing becomes more critical than ever. We already see a behavioural shift, with people avoiding not only work, but restaurants, stores, and other public places where they might spend money. While customers stay inside, companies are shifting their focus to online activities and enlisting digital marketing experts like Kingsmen Agency, to help navigate them through this troublesome time. We engaged them for this article to help us understand how digital marketing could be a brand’s best defence against coronavirus.

Understanding ‘The New Normal’

With people sheltering-in-place, the lifestyle of the consumer has shifted to spending more time online than ever before. Brands that already cater to ‘sofa -shoppers’ will likely see an increase in sales. While brands that traditionally provide to offline activities are required to pivot and think of innovative ways to offer new online products or services in an effort to adapt to this ‘new normal’.

As more people are working remotely during the day, and staying in during their off time, online e-commerce brands are likely to profit from new shopping habits as people become more relaxed browsing and buying online while visiting bricks-and-mortar stores physically less often. These new habits could breed considerable long-term profits for online retailers, as well as the digital advertisers that bring in new traffic.

Keep it Moving 

Kingsmen Agency and marketing departments around the world are noticing the effects as digital media is being employed at a higher rate since public health officials have urged people to stay home.

Event marketing has come to a complete halt as governments are imposing strict regulations in opposition to public gatherings. Major cultural events like Coachella and the Tokyo Summer Olympics have been called off, meaning companies are haemorrhaging massive costs.

But all is not lost. Kingsmen urges brands to pivot to digital marketing. They have noted an increased interest in online re-branding, website and app development since the pandemic started amongst their clients and new leads.

With fewer people out-and-about, traditional advertising such as in-store displays, billboards, banners on public transport, etc. will have considerably lower exposure. They advise that brands should reinvest “in-person” marketing dollars into digital strategies and online ads while advising clients that offer online delivery services to increase purchase in order to acquire a greater market share in a broader market.

Seize New Opportunities 

With so much scepticism floating around, it’s essential to stay focused on the long-term and embrace new opportunities. Don’t forget that in the midst of a crisis – there could be an opportunity or idea that under different circumstances may not have existed. Kingsmen Agency advises that businesses need to establish who their target audience is? How their lifestyle has changed? What do they want to hear? How should you be communicating with them? Now, map out the best approach to target them!

Even during a moment that feels like a downward spiral – there can be an opportunity to be seized.

Post Covid-19 

Without a shadow of a doubt, COVID-19 has left its mark on history.

The question everyone is asking, however, is how much things will still change? How will the world look when it’s all over? Will ‘life as we knew it’ ever return to the way things were before the outbreak?

We have now seen the effects across the board for all industries. But how will marketers adapt?

More digital solutions need to be considered. Webinars, live-stream events and virtual doctor visits are just some instances of answers to come when physical contact is restricted.

Please don’t underestimate how the coronavirus has changed your customers and how it has affected their demands. Now is the time to think outside the box, or hire an agency of experts like Kingsmen to help guide your business through to the other side.