Everything You Need to Know About A Video Brochure

4 mins read

What if we could combine print with the most alluring form of communication known to date – of course we are talking about video – and utilise the mediums to make the most of both worlds?

Actually, we can, and we are already doing it, through Video Brochures. Although they are not strictly located in the online terrain. Because firstly, they are video and secondly, they are considered to be one of the most powerful sales tools ever.

With this innovative marketing tool, video literally meets print, and you can enhance your company’s message by bringing static written words to life through powerful images. Not only will your potential client be engaged by the experience, they will also watch the video, which is the best way to communicate your message!

What makes the video brochure different from others?

The beauty of a video brochure is its directness, and on a side note, definitely the cost. They are a highly effective tool that is becoming more and more reasonably priced, and you do not need to produce them in huge quantities. They are notable ice breakers for first impressions; once the gatekeepers see them getting to the decision makers will be a piece of cake.
Trade shows, product displays, sales meetings, training sessions, waiting rooms, you name it; video brochures can be all over the place and never lose their magic.

They are premium, which works well to sell high end products and services like real estate or cars, and they are an excellent resource to pitch new ideas and new concepts to a small group of people at an event such as a trade show. Promotional video brochures can create an experience in a hospital waiting room, or a private practice. They can even be used to entertain the little ones when they start to get restless at a restaurant.

Need yet another example?

What about a video brochure for products in a store? Imagine you are embarking on the overwhelming quest to find the perfect pram for your first child. You visit a baby shop to be presented with 20 prams, each staring blankly back at you. You have no idea the difference between these prams! But there is one that differentiates itself; it stands out amongst the rest. Why? Because it comes with a video.

By clicking and playing it you are provided with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

The other prams may be the same, but the one with the video caught your attention, entertained you and has had an impact on your experience.

Promotional video brochures are digital, they can be rapidly amended, making them rechargeable, reusable, changeable, and customizable. The message is clearly communicated and prospects watching a Promotional video brochure are more likely to become a customer, as they get to experience the company through just one landing page with video, testimonials and your chosen information.

On the practical side of it, effective communication shortens the sales cycle and generates more sales. And remember – reading a brochure may seem totally unappealing, but watching one can actually be pretty fun.