Everything You Need To Know About Skiing On Mountain Vlasic In Bosnia

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Bosnia & Herzegovina is reputed for its mountainous terrain and it has come to limelight particularly after hosting the Winter Olympics in 1984. As a matter of fact, central Bosnia happens to be the most mountainous part of the country featuring some prominent mountains among which Vlasic deserves special mention. It will be meaningless to visit the Balkans without experiencing a ski expedition on this particular mountain and the ideal time to go there will be in late December when the area is thronged by the vacationers from across the world.

While you are in the Vlasic mountain ridge, you will have the opportunity to enjoy countless springs, forests, as well as pastures which should be enough to attract any tourist both local as well as international. Amongst the most noteworthy peaks, mention may be made of Decani, Paljenic, and Galicia each of which can boast of innumerable routes linking to the city of Travnik by approximately 25-kilometer roadway.

The Banja Luka International airport which happens to be just 75 km away is the nearest airport to this location. The ski resort in Vlasic is situated in Canton, Bosnia, and Travnik is the nearest town facing the highlands. It is required to have accessibility to as many as 5 ski lifts so as to convey the visitors who want to perform skiing as well as snowboarding here. The major winter sports arenas are situated between heights of 1200 and 1500 m.

Paljenic, which happens to be the highest summit, stands at a height of an amazing 1,950 m and is reputed for cattle breeding, green pastures, cheese, plus dairy. This particular region provides the tourists with an opportunity to enjoy skiing along with spectacular sceneries and scrumptious gastronomy.
The resort is open to the public from 9:00 to 16:00. However, this time can vary as per the weather conditions, public holidays, school holidays, as well as the particular day of the week.


How Can You Reach The Mountain?

It is not difficult to reach the mountain from Travnik where you need to go to Turbe, a small village, and then drive for approximately 25 minutes after turning right. You will get the opportunity of relishing the wonderful views of the adjoining neighborhoods while driving along the route. However, there is no facility of reaching the highest summit, Paljenic, by ski lift and you need to get there on foot. Although you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding as well as hiking in winter, you will not get such facility during the summer months when you can simply practice cycling through the innumerable tracks in the area.

The Accommodation

This area can boast of many inexpensive small resorts where you can stay during your trip. You will come across both private houses as well as medium-sized hotels which are available for rent. Apart from this, there are also many cottages in this area which will provide you with a comfortable accommodation. Amongst the most notable hotels, mention may be made of Villa Ugar, Oaza Mira, plus Hotel Blanca resort and spa.

The Food


We all love cheese, and here you will find plenty of them which you can combine with any meal to satisfy your taste buds. Palenta, which is prepared mainly at home, is one of the notable delicacies of the area.

Although the ski lifts are somewhat limited, the stupendous slopes, as well as facilities for off-piste adventures, do provide a striking compensation. One of the highlights is the opportunity to enjoy night skiing on Fridays, Saturdays, and Wednesdays which will cost € 8. On the other hand, a daily ski pass is € 14 from 9 AM to 4 PM.