Exotic fruit hamper

Exotic Fruit Hamper

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While making a fruit basket hamper, you have to know which fruits are rich and healthy. Putting exotic fruits in a hamper basket will add charm to your gift. Here is a list of fruits you should add and the reasons too.

  1. Prickly pears: –

These fruits are sweet in taste and often come from Mexico. Why you should eat this fruit, because it contains high amount of magnesium that can cure type 2 – diabetes and is good for health otherwise too. These fruits are great when making fruit salads. The mild sweet taste adds more to the salads. Besides that, this fruit is uncommon and exotic.

  1. Longans: –

We have hardly heard about this fruit. Longans are known as little brothers to the lychee fruit and look a lot like it. They have a brown covering and taste musky sweet. They are a native to China. This fruit is rich in Vitamin C and has low calories. Including this in your diet will help you shed weight faster.

  1. Star fruit: –

Like its name, Star Fruit is in the shape of a star when sliced. This yellow coloured fruit tastes like plum and apples. A native to Asia, this is a beneficial food. It has less than 40 calories and lots of fibre and vitamin C. A study showed that if this fruit is consumed on a daily basis, heart disease risk can be lower. Isn’t this reason enough to add this fruit to your hamper?

  1. Kumquats: –

They resemble oranges but do not get confused. Kumquats are small in size and taste sweet. They are originated from China and have numerous health uses. This tiny fruit has more Vitamin C than grapes, bananas and apples. Studies have shown that people who consume this fruit are healthier than those who don’t. So be healthy and buy Kumquats.

  1. Plantains: –

They are lookalikes of bananas but are different in taste. Once it ripens, it turns black and becomes sweeter and tastier. You can eat them while a little raw too. Plantains have more vitamin C, A and potassium than the normal bananas we eat. So say goodbye to bananas and eat plantains instead.

  1. Persimmons: –

Found in Canada, persimmons are rich in many vitamins. This bright orange and acron-like shaped fruit is sweet and crispy. Sounds delicious right? Wait till you hear how healthy it is. They have plenty of vitamin A which helps the immunity system, vitamin c and lots of fibre that is helpful while dieting.

  1. Dragon fruit: –

This reddish pink fruit is too good for you. The name might shock you but the insides which are white have black small seeds in it. If you are carried away with the beauty of this fruit, here is why this is considered a super fruit – It contains around 60 calories only and is rich in vitamin C, B1, B2, B3. Also, it consists of several minerals like iron, calcium, and phosphorus.

Add these exotic fruits and get your hamper delivery done right away!