Top 5 Health Risks While Travelling

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One in five people travelling in the UK risk their trips, travelling without the travelling insurance. On the other hand, roughly 4 300 people needs help with their medical bills while on holiday, each week (Association of British Insurers). Still, a lot of people decide to go on vacation without preparing for the possible bad things that can happen while they are away from home. These five health risks should be avoided by everybody, and especially those that want to gamble a bit and skip buying the insurance in advance.

Top 5 Health Risks While Travelling

Food Poisoning

This is very unlikely to happen to you at a hotel or restaurant. In some parts of the world, the street food stalls are not checked by the health and safety inspectors. Locals eat it without problems, but if your stomach is unprepared for the germs, parasites and bacteria characteristic for that particular place. Food poisoning usually involves fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration. This type of health problem is not that likely to occur in Australia, as health and safety standards are very high.

Dangers of Drinking Water

Not all countries have the same standards when it comes to tap water. Therefore, it is advisable that you do not drink it when travelling. The danger that lurks from the tap water is the same as the danger of food poisoning. To avoid it – stick to the bottled water. However, if you are travelling from US to Australia, you will be glad to know that the standards concerning water are similar.

Top 5 Health Risks While Travelling

Animal and Insect Bites

The diverse flora and fauna of Australia are widely known. Therefore, you need to prepare for the possible dangers when exploring it. Insect bites are usually from the bedbugs, spiders, bees, wasps or ants. You will recognize them by itching and burning sensation and some redness and swelling. However, if the swelling spreads, instantly seek medical help since it might be an allergic reaction. The more dangerous thing that you may occur while bushwalking are the snakes. There are about 100 poisonous snakes in Australia. You should not wait a second if you are bitten by a snake and you need to head directly into some of the urgent medical centers like FrontlineER. They are everywhere but check their location before you go on a field trip.


There are so many activities to enjoy in Australia. Scuba diving, surfing, cycling, hiking, windsurfing and many more. While these activities give you a lot of fun, they can also be the cause to different injuries. Sprained joints, minor and more serious fractures and pulled muscles are not uncommon if you are not careful.

Top 5 Health Risks While Travelling

Viruses, Bacteria and Other Germs

Different types of germs are spread in a different way. Therefore, you need to make sure that you prevent the infection. Wash your hands frequently and always have a hand sanitizer. Try to minimize touching your face. More importantly, if you are traveling to an exotic destination, always get all the necessary vaccines before travelling.

Once you have your mind all set to go on a holiday, bad things that can happen there are not something that you want to think about. However, it is better to be safe than sorry and take all the necessary precautions, so that your holiday goes exactly as you planned it.