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Switzerland is the most heavenly break a traveler could ever wish for. No one leaves Switzerland without exploring the magical Zurich. The largest city, it is a complete universe of wonders. The culture and beauty of the city are surely the captivating factors that will compel you to make your way there.


Whether it is a family trip or even a business venture, stepping out of your comfort zone to experience the magical Zurich is a must. Here are some of the top experiences while you’re in this city.

  1. Bahnnofstrasse 

Strolling along the sleek street of Bahnnofstrasse is one of the best ways to experience Zurich. If you fancy shopping, there is nothing like it. However, even if you’re interested in window shopping, it is guaranteed to keep you captivated.

People-watching in Bahnnofstrasse is also an amusing activity. It’s one of the best ways to know how the rich and famous exist in Zurich. It’s a posh end of the city with everything appearing perfect.

  1. Old Town

No one leaves Zurich without exploring the Old Town. Whenever you’re off to a foreign land, exploring the history and culture of the destination is one of the most fulfilling experiences. This can be done in the best manner at the Old Town.

For the most unique shopping experience and discovering the Switzerland’s architecture at its best, a trip to the Old Town is a must. While you’re shopping, you’ll also get to taste the most traditional food in the city. Opting for a hotel nearby means you stay connected to the city in the best manner.

  1. Great Church

In Switzerland, you’ll come across old styled enormous churches that will leave you awestruck. If churches and architecture amuse you, it’s a must to visit the impressive Great Church. If you manage to climb on top of the tower, you’ll experience the magical panorama on the top.

Zurich is one of the most magical destinations in the world. Every nook and corner of the city is extremely picturesque. To get the best shots of the city, a trip to the top of the Great Church is one of the most rewarding experiences while you’re there.

  1. The Zurich Zoo

If you’re traveling with family, a visit to the Zurich Zoo is a must. This is surely one of the best zoos you’ll experience in Europe. The zoo is home to many species of animals located from all around the world. Taking your kids to this wonderful place will ensure they have a wonderful day in Zurich!

  1. Zurichsee and Lake Promenade

Zurich is a water city and it is a must to experience the lake for a wonderful day out. When the climate is ideal and the summer days shine, the bank is entirely filled with boaters and travelers gathered for picnics and sun bathing. It is a magical day spent out with plenty of opportunities for the tourists.
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