First Aid For Broken Bones

First Aid For Broken Bones

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Do you love traveling? How often do you go camping or hiking? During your journey either uphill or downhill, sometimes accidents happen and you just don’t know when. It would be so simple as calling an ambulance if you were in town. But when you are in the middle of a forest or a mountain you have to know what to do before it is too late. Here are the steps on how to give first aid for broken bones.

Broken Bones in Wrist or Forearm

Talking about broken bones, it could be your hands or feet. In most cases of falling, placing your hand in a wrong position could make your wrist or forearm cracked. Here are what to do if it is the forearm or wrist:

  1. Put the wrist down in a straight position, and make sure to keep the elbow at 90-degree angle position. Relax the wrist by putting a round object inside the palm like a rock, or small cups.
  2. Form a U shape splint using the heavier material. If you brought a sleeping pad with you, it would be the splint around the forearm so it stretches to the wrist from elbow.
  3. Wrap the splint securely using rope, cords, bandages or anything you can find for wrapping. Make sure the wrap is tight enough the splint won’t budge.
  4. Keep the arm close to the body. It is better that you form a sling. Use a bandana or a scarf and hang around the neck.

Broken Bones in Foot

Since trekking is a journey on foot, getting a broken bone on one could be very troublesome. But you still have to do the treatment or it will get worse. Here are the steps:

  1. Before beginning the treatment, first, you have to make sure that the person is laid down on his/her back. Loosen the shoe to check on the limbs, but you have to keep it on to protect the foot. If you are in no condition to do the first aid, keep going on until you’ve found a spot. Check the toes occasionally to make sure the person still has the feelings.
  2. Once the person laid down, make a u-shaped flint from heavy material. Put a splint on the sides of the broken leg, and one at the back. Fasten the splint by wrapping it up with anything available like ropes, bandages or anything suitable for wrapping.
  3. Once the splint is fastened and secured, lift the leg above the heart.
  4. If the person is still able to move, have him/her use the trekking pole or find a sturdy stick as support, or else carry the person until he/she is stable.