Flowers for Michigan Gardens

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Perennials are plants that once planted usually come back year after year. Generally, they bloomed for a month or month which is depending on the type of plant. Their roots remain alive under the soil through the winter and sprout leaves, flowering plants in the spring. These are known as the backbone of an easy-care garden.

For Michigan gardens here are some of the most beautiful and easiest to grow full sun perennials:

  1. Queen of the Prairie:

The sturdy yet delicate looking flower Queen of the Prairie is a species of the flowering Rosaceae family that is native to shady habitats with moist, alkaline soil that is well drained.

It has a fragrant fluffy head of tiny candy pink or peach flowers that bloom for about three weeks between the early and the middle of the summer. These flowers spread rapidly. And can be cut back in the fall.

  1. Black-eyed Susans:

Also known as the gloriosa daisies, black-eyed Susans are a hardy type of Rudbeckia with daisy-like flowers consisting of gold petals and dark centre seed. Somewhere look like sunflowers. The scratchy, hairy foliage is not their best feature but the vibrant flower heads more than make up for that.

  1. Hardy Hibiscus:

Very commonly known as Rose mallows or Swamp mallows. Also known as hardy hibiscus and dinner plate hibiscus which are names befitting these cold hardy plants that nevertheless bear large blooms reminiscent of the tropics.

While each bloom lives only a day or two they are quickly replaced by newcomers. Hardly hibiscus plants should be grown in full sun and in average to wet soil.

  1. Butterfly Weed:

The orange flowers of butterfly weed carry out the work of the plant name: They attract monarch butterflies as well as tiger swallowtails and black swallowtails—both the caterpillar and the mature flyer—and even hummingbirds.

This flowers also known as Indian paintbrush, orange and yellow milkweed, butterfly weed blooms in early summer and lasts up to the first frost in most areas. If you want to avoid an invasion of butterfly weed cut off the seed pods before they open.

Hardy butterfly weed is well adapted to less than ideal conditions growing well in clay soil and in dry soil. It does best in full sun but also can tolerate shades.

  1. Blanket flowers:

Blanket flowers are also known as Gaillardia is short-lived late-blooming flower rich with colours, daisy-like flowers. There are more than two dozen of these flowers. These flowers are very short-lived flowers. And have cross breeds of Gaillardia species.

The leaves are grey-green and lance-shaped. And petals come in gorgeous shades of yellow and red.

These flowers love the sun, but also can handle partial shades. Although they get a bit floppy.

  1. Yarrow:

Yarrow is also known as Achillea and has become staples in gardens everywhere because they are tough, easy to grow and can produce gorgeous flowers.

With sprays of soft, feathery, aromatic and have a tendency to stay in tidy clumps. They love heat and full sun. If they don’t get enough sun they get leggy and flop over.

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With literally hundreds of perennial flowers to choose from, a trip to the garden centre can be bewildering.

Start your summer with the classics, beautiful, reliable, and easy-care perennials. Delivering Flowers in Sterling Hts. MI, is easy for the gardeners in the summertime.