Foods That Can Improve Your Blood Circulation

4 mins read

Sluggish blood circulation won’t be good for our body and it could be caused by lack of exercise and poor diet. It is time to get our circulatory system on track by consuming healthy foods for our body. Garlic is an incredible super food that’s known for its sulfur-based compound, called allicin. It helps our blood vessels to dilate normally. Garlic also contains manganese, selenium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C that can improve our cardiovascular system. Ginkgo biloba is ancient tree species and known for its ability to treat different circulatory problems. Just like garlic, ginkgo biloba is also abble to increase blood supply to different parts of our body, by making blood pletelets less sticky and dilating blood vessels. Ginseng is a classic Chinese plant that’s been used since 5000 years ago. Other than improving the circulatory system, it could also increase energy levels and boost the immune system. Horny goat weed may have a rather funny name, but as an aphrosidiac, it could combat fatigue and increase blood flow.

Kidney beans contains plenty of fiber that can lower the cholesterol level in our body. By consuming these legumes regularly, we could unclog small blockages in our arterial system and blood will flow more smoothly. They have no fat, and packed with protein, minerals and vitamins. Lentils are also excellent legumes that can help to improve our blood flow. Just like kidney beans, lentils are also excellent fiber powerhouse with plenty of manganese and other nutrients. If our body has enough magnesium, arteries and veins will become more relaxed, allowing more nutrients and oxygen to travel around our body. Liver is an excellent source of vitamin A, which is useful our body. Nuts are high in good fats and lean protein, with very little presence of saturated fat. Due to the reduced cholesterol level in our body, the blood flow in our body will become smoother. Arginine helps our body to produce nitric oxide that can relax our blood vessels.

Oats are also excellent types of fiber that can reduce our cholesterol level significantly. By consuming oats frequently, we will be able to improve blood flow and unclog the arteries. Because oats are rich in antioxidants, they will neutralize free radicals and we will have reduced risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. A combination of bad cholesterol and free radicals can be quite deadly, because they may form sticky layer that hardens inside our blood vessel, causing blockages. Onions are wonderful if we want to have smooth blood flow inside our body. They contain enough chromium for our body, which can give us immense health benefits. Chromium helps to improve the good cholesterol level, lower bad cholesterol and regulate blood sugar level. Oysters are good sources of zinc, which encourages the production of dopamine, making blood to flow more easily in our body. Papaya is an antioxidant-rich fruit with high level of flavonoids, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and carotenes. It also contains enough magnesium, potassium and various blood-boosting minerals.