adventure at top deadly volcanoes

From Click To Print: Capture and Confine Top Deadly Volcanoes

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After the advent of DSLR technology, photography has become a passion rather than a profession, especially for the aspiring photographers. Photography is not just about conveying the outward expressions of inward states but it also illustrates the beauty of nature as well as its horrid calamities simultaneously. Extreme photography gives you the chance to photograph and witness extreme disasters caused by nature. Capture the extreme images of deadly Volcanoes; melting ice, shooting smoke, volcanic ash and steam into the air. It’s deadly and risky but this is what extreme photography is all about that you can witness, seize and display the disruptiveness of volcanic eruptions. Get ready to photograph the world’s most dangerous volcanoes, take a glance below in the article to select the best volcanoes to capture.

adventure at top deadly volcanoes

Mount. Etna, Italy:

Italy has the history of the most dangerous volcanic eruptions and Mount. Etna is one of them. Gather all your strength and capture the most active, gigantic, and destructive volcano. Etna towers over the plains and cities of Catania in Sicily and it also offers the excellent view of an ancient town Catania and several other villages situated at the base of Etna which were destroyed in the volcanic eruption of 1969.

Mount. Lamington, Papua New Guinea:

This 1,680 meter high volcano is situated in Papua New Guinea; you can capture the images of wooded mountain top along with pumice dust, sulfurous fumes and gray rocks even when there is no volcanic eruption. Mount. Lamington offers you the deadly views of the mighty peak along with the gloomy surrounding atmosphere.

Kelut, Indonesia:

The kilt is situated on the east side of Java and it was overflowed in 2008 and due to the deadly volcanic eruption a crater lake is formed. Seize the images of Ampera tunnel, Carter Lake, silvery ash and the view of dusty villages that were affected by the red hot magma.

Mount Nyiragongo, Congo:

Mount Nyiragongo is located inside Virunga National Park, 20 Kilometers from the city of Goma. Due to the deadly volcanic explosions since many years it has caused extreme destruction of the nearby villages. So take your camera and take the pictures of this dangerous volcanic peak along with the areas affected by the explosions.

Lake, Iceland:

This legendary volcano is unique in its own sense due to its extreme eruption it destroyed nearby locations. Capture this canyon covered volcano and its after effects on the surrounding areas and livestock.

There are several other deadly volcanic peaks that you can capture such as Vesuvius (Italy), Merapi (Indonesia). Popocatepetl (Mexico), and Mount. Teide (Spain) etc.

Stay safe, take lots of pictures and enjoy the thrill of putting the world’s most deadly volcanoes and give that lens to the onlooker that not only shows the beauty of Mother Nature but also the devastation caused by it. Capture these action filled memorable moments along with the gloomy atmosphere and after effects of volcanic eruptions through your camera and then convert those digital images into canvas prints by printing them out to immortalize the memorable journey.

As an aspiring photographer you would surely want to share your experience with your peers and relatives so put all your astonishing excursion pictures in your private gallery or gift it to your loved ones to make them a part of your adventure. Moreover for better printing results Visit Cartridge Ink and purchase wide range of Kodak ink.

SobiaYounus Raja discusses the thrill of capturing and printing Top deadly volcanoes. Furthermore the significance of seizing memorable adventurous moments and then printing them out and transforming them into canvas prints.