Golfing Trip in Orlando, Florida

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Sports tourism is still growing and people could go to different places to perform their favourite sports. Orlando, Florida is one of the best golfing destinations in the world. Although Orlando is originally known for its theme parks, it is also known for an amazing diversity of golf landscapes. The Royal St. Cloud is a place where we can get golfing experience with the taste of UK. Each hole offers a fabled situation of the British islands. The golf course is known for its revetted bunkers, undulating greens and open, rolling fairways. The 73-par golf course is definitely a place that we should visit.

The Timacuan Golf&Country Club is another place that we should visit and it offers us with a great taste of Scotland. The long water-dominated hole 2 is one of the more remarkable in the golf course. The Legends golf course at Orange Lake also offers Scottish-style environment for the first nine holes and tree-lined areas for the last nine. The best holes are the 4-hole at 610 yards long and the 13th holes, dubbed the “Island Oak” at 432 yards long. The Diamonds Players Club is a course for people who need a bit of drama during golfing. It is often considered as the Florida’s mountain course, due to the more extreme elevation changes. Golfers will need to tackle the green dunes and the experience in the golf course could be considered as an adventure.

Golfing Trip in Orlando, Florida

Southern Dunes is another golf course with unusual elevation changes and it is known for the creativity and the abundance of the bunkers. For an extra difficulty, we could visit the Falcon’s Fire golf course, especially for its par-4 13th hole. However, amateur golfers could find that they bite off more than they can chew. It is challenging to keep the ball landing on the slender fairway with sharper angles and tree-lines on both sides.

Shingle Creek is an interesting place to visit for golfers with its dense pines and oak backdrop. It is located near major tourist areas and can be visited quite easily. It is prominent for great greens and angular bunkers that create an additional challenge for golfers. The journey will end with an awesome, finishing 18th hole. The Stonegate Golf Club is wonderful for allowing us to stroll through the nature. It is located within a 3,300-acre pristine wetland. The North Shore golf course is located amidst lush surrounding and deep in the countryside. It is known for well-positioned water hazards, pristine natural wetlands and dense tree-lines.

People who want to get convenience should visit the MetroWest golf course, located near the International Drive and Universal Studios. It is a more modern golf course with challenging approach shots and wide fairways. Near the Walt Disney World, we could find the Celebration golf club with its great emphasis on excellent approach shots. Grande Pines golf course is located near the Sea World and it’s known for excellent risk/reward holes.

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