Growing Tulip Flowers In Your Garden

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Tulips are one of the most attractive flowers and are very easy to grow. If you have a garden, you can consider growing this plant. To grow early spring blooms at their proper season, it is very important to be planted at proper time of the year. They grow easily and all you have to do is to water them properly, keeping the soil moist.

Growing Tulip Flowers In Your Garden

These bulbs require proper amount of sunlight to mature into next year’s flower buds. Apart from this, they also need the winter cold to rest to emerge again the following spring. Tulip bulbs can grow in any type of soil, but the bulb lift will be bigger if in case your soil is richer. Besides this, it is very important to have good drainage to keep wholesale tulip bulbs healthy. If you are thinking to buy tulip bulbs, then you can approach Dutch Grown company which is a wholesale supplier of quality Dutch bulbs.

At the time of selecting tulip bulbs, it is important to find out whether they are early/late bloomers. Why? It means that bulbs need to be planted at different times. If you choose and carefully select tulips, then you should be able to achieve constant stream of blooming flowers throughout the spring season.

Growing Tulip Flowers In Your Garden

Plant tulip flower bulbs in proper season: Spring season is the normal blooming season for tulip flower bulbs, therefore if possible plant them before autumn. Plant them in the fall season, when bulbs are offered at wholesale rates in garden centers. Tulips need chilling period of about 11 to 16 weeks which triggers flowering in tulip bulbs by developing flower bud within bulb. Therefore, it is advisable to plant tulips from early fall until ground freezes in the early winter season.

Here are few steps which you need to follow when you decide to plant tulip bulbs in your garden: 

  • The best time to grow tulips is September. You must plant them in the early days of fall.
  • Ensure that plant receives proper amount of sunlight and nutrients from sun. It will help bulbs to grow fast and in healthy manner.
  • It is important to make sure drainage system is good enough so it does not cause plant to drain out completely or die because of fungus and bacteria growth.
  • Dig a hole which is up to 3 times deeper than the height of flower bulb.
  • Improve the quality of soil in the areas, where you are deciding to plant tulip bulbs.
  • Plant tulips in a place, where it can receive at least 6 hours of sunlight, which also makes them able to grow in next season.
  • While planting them, position bulbs in such a way that it is pointed in upward direction, cover the soil and then firm the soil gently. Then water the planting bed thoroughly after planting tulip bulbs.
  • Extra water should not be given, until the shoots of the bulb emerge in spring and then only when the rainfall is sparse. 

It can be said that tulip bulbs look great when placed anywhere in the yard. They have advantage of being easily moved, when its leaves turn yellow. In this way, it allows you to focus your attention on later bloomers in your garden space. You can consider buying flower bulbs from Dutch Grown company, which offers wide variety of flower bulbs to grow in your garden. 

Author Bio: Ryan Holman is a passionate and professional gardener who enjoys planting bulk flower bulbs. He provides valuable tips and suggestions and helps people grow their own garden.