Have An Adventure Packed Holiday In Dubai

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When they first mention a vacation in Dubai, what most people have in mind is luxury. Extravagant hotels, wild nightlife and a life of leisure in general. Still, this doesn’t mean that Dubai has nothing for those more action oriented. For all the adrenaline junkies out there, Dubai is full of possibilities and with this in mind, here are a few tips and ideas that may help you have a perfect adventure-packed holiday in Dubai.

Have An Adventure Packed Holiday In Dubai

Be Prepared

Even though most of these sports are utilized in a way that won’t allow you to get injured, you can never be too careful. It is always advisable to be in prime physical condition before trying any of this, so before you engage in any activity that might be considered extreme, make sure to hit the gym. In order to get yourself ready the right way, you can always hire a personal trainer in Dubai. A trained professional will know not only how to prepare you physically, but mentally as well for any hardship or adrenaline infused activity that lies ahead.


Have you ever wanted to feel the thrill of free fall as you accelerate towards the landscapes beneath you? If this is the case, why not do so while admiring the amazing layout of the city Dubai. Regardless of how tough you think you are, once you start your way towards the ground you will know for sure what you are made of. So, if you believe to be up to the task, simply look for an opportunity to go skydiving in Dubai. Nothing helps you reflect on your life better than gliding through the clouds.


Speaking about adventure and extreme sports, bungee-jumping is the poster child. The best thing about this activity is that it takes only a few seconds of your time, even though when the adrenaline kicks in, it may seem as eternity. Although there are several places where you could go jumping in Dubai, your safest bet is to go to the gravity zone, and test your courage there. It may seem frightening at first, but people who undergo this mind-wrecking activity usually feel reborn afterwards. So, go jumping and feel the thrill.

Have An Adventure Packed Holiday In Dubai


If there is one thing that everyone has in mind when Dubai is mentioned, it is its beautiful coastline. Most people use Dubai’s numerous dashing beaches to get some tan or swim a bit, however some people find this quite mundane. Those who aren’t afraid of a challenge can go diving. Some might already have experience, so they can just buy or rent diving gear and just go ahead. Still, those who have never tried it before must hire a trainer. Luckily, in Dubai, there is no shortage of diving trainers.

Water Skiing

The only shortcoming of Dubai is that unfortunately, you cannot ski here. Still, for those who find this as a serious shortcoming, there is always the option of going water skiing. Dubai is a city of numerous water skiing centers and as such a perfect place for you to try it out. This sport has absolutely everything one can look for in an adventure. First, it is extremely dynamic and as such, suitable even for most demanding thrill seekers. Second, when it comes to sports in general, there it is hardly probable that you will find anything more fun than waterskiing. In other words, an opportunity that should not be missed out on.

As you can see, Dubai can be a lot more than an all-inclusive hotel stay and sun tanning at the beach. Here, you can test your limits as nowhere else and finally see what the limits of your courage are. Still, whatever you do, just remember that you should never neglect your own safety. Prepare both mentally and physically, follow the rules and regulations and always, always bring the proper gear.