Health Benefits That Will Have You Loving Muay Thai

4 mins read

The fast pace of life leaves people with little time or energy to worry about health and fitness; this has had the unfortunate side effect of unleashing an epidemic of obesity and obesity-related illnesses of unprecedented proportions. The behaviors and habits that are conducive to obesity are developed at a young age, and as we grow older, they become more ingrained in our way of life. We grow old and watch more TV, eat worse foods, sleep fewer hours each night, and work out less and less with each passing year. Obesity and its related illnesses kill millions upon millions of people each year; therefore it is of the utmost importance to our health to do everything in our power to lose weight efficiently and permanently.

Martial arts provide a great opportunity for weight loss and fitness training, and out of the dozens of styles that man has developed throughout history perhaps none is more conducive to a general state of good health and fitness than Thailand’s Muay Thai. Here are three incredible and surprising health benefits you can expect to gain if you decide to train in Muay Thai.

1-   Great For Your Skin: Most people react incredulously when I tell them that training in Muay Thai is great for your skin. Muay Thai is an intense sport, and as such, you can expect to sweat profusely when participating in it. Sweating works as a depuration mechanism for your skin. Dirt, sebaceous fluids, and bacteria are flushed out of your pores with every sweat drop. Have you ever wondered why people looking to rid themselves of impurities go to a sauna? The same principle applies to Muay Thai.

2-   Great For Your Bones: Obesity takes a heavy toll on your bones; especially your knee and ankle joints, and as we grow older and our bone density naturally decreases, this effect is compounded. If you lose weight by training in Muay Thai, you can actively cancel out the loss of bone density. Your knees and ankles, as well your hips, will thank you years down the line. Muay Thai is an impact sport, and as such it has the added benefit of strengthening the tissues between your joints over time.

3-   Great For Your Heart: Muay Thai is a fantastic compound exercise that combines both aerobic and anaerobic movements. A typical training session will get your heart rate up and your lungs to pump oxygen throughout your entire body. Muay Thai can significantly reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Few activities will provide such concrete and physical health and fitness benefits as Muay Thai.  This dynamic and exciting martial art has achieved levels of success and popularity unrivaled by other martial arts, but the absolute best place to learn it is the country that gave it birth. Thailand has set up a system of Muay Thai training camps all over the mainland that provide willing participants with everything they can need to learn this ancient tradition. From nutritional guidance to medical care, a typical training camp such as Muaythai-camp-Thailand has it all. Learn from the sport’s elite trainers and athletes and improve your health with Muay Thai.