Modern Decor Tips to Transform Your Space into Bohemian Retreat

6 mins read

Going for a bohemian home decor is going for the unconventional. Infused with artistic elements, the interiors are warm and vibrant. It’s an eclectic mix of exotic places, lifestyles, and cultures wherein its inhabitants or creators ‒ mostly musicians, writers, poets, artists, and travelers ‒ leave imprints of themselves on the spaces they created or live in.

Choosing a bohemian look in your home is almost like making an experiment to reinvent things. It’s breaking the rules and mixing exciting patterns, textures, and colors. For some people, this style may be chaotic, but it’s not.

Whether you’re studying an interior design course and you are tasked to find inspirations for your next project or just looking for ideas to create a living space that is in your taste, here are some helpful tips on how to create the perfect bohemian retreat in your home.

1. Play with the Colors

Boho interiors will always be about patterns filled with vibrant and warm colors. There are no strict rules on combining different hues. Bold combinations and unusual designs are used in carpets, wall decors, or a piece of furniture. At the end of the day, it’s all about creating a character.

Popular colors used in this theme include sunny yellow, deep purple, and rich burgundy. Colorful patterns can be in the form of rugs, patchwork, and sofa cushions.

2. Spruce up with Rugs

Wooden floorboards already create an excellent backdrop for beautiful bohemian furniture. Selecting plush or vintage rugs will add to the overall coziness of your home, adding texture to the living spaces.

The bohemian interior design combines an unlikely mix of both minimalism and maximalism. Select a rug with vibrant colors that can elevate the room, or one with rich, bold patterns. Traditional boho decors may be loud and colorful, but a new take to this concept is the emergence of neutral wall shades which can be brought to life by the use of texture-heavy rugs.

3. Indoor Plants are Essential

Indoor plants can be a key element in brightening up a room. More than just cleaning and purifying air, plants are a great way to breathe life in your boho-style home.

You can go for a small, indoor jungle in your home, or neatly arranged greens all over your place. Somehow, the abundance of lush plants in your home can make you feel close to nature, which can produce calming and invigorating effects in your senses even if you’re living in a city apartment.

Cactus is one of the trendiest plants around. Its cartoon-like features can comfortably fit in any boho living space. They don’t need much watering either, compared to its other leafy counterparts.

4. Mix and Match Furniture

Think of rustic coffee tables and industrial metal bookcases. The style embodies both charm and character. That’s why the best pieces of furniture that go well with this theme are sold in garage sales, vintage auctions, and antique markets. Learn to mix and match these unique pieces so that you will have a variety of textures and materials.  

For example, in your bed, don’t try to match your beddings with the pillows. Instead, use a variety of prints and patterns. The more elements there are, the better the outcome will be.

5. Incorporate Artwork and Pictures

Now is that time to be creative. Don’t settle for plain pictures with black frames on your wall. Get sassy when it comes to choosing wall decors. You can show off your favorite art collection on the walls of your space. Better yet, add quirky collectibles from your most recent travels abroad. Doing so gives the room a more personal touch.

6. Design with Opposing Fabrics

Going for the bohemian-style interior is all about breaking the rules and giving your living space a sense of freedom. This relaxed approach gives you a chance to experiment with opposing fabrics and textures. For example, try to play velvet with linens. At the same time, buy furniture that has a warm coloring and creates dimension.

In Summary

A bohemian-inspired interior is all about learning to experiment boldly with different textures, materials, and hues. It’s going for the unconventional and finding the beauty in it.

More than that, it’s about doing something fun and cozy that you and your loved ones can enjoy. So, constantly explore and experiment. Eventually, you will find your personal style.