Healthy Mojo

Healthy Mojo – What is That And Why Do You Need One

4 mins read

Mojo is not just the name referring to an item on the menu at Shakey’s Pizza. The most widely recognized definition of the word Mojo, is a flannel bag containing items to bring about a magic spell. The flannel bag is used in different colors, and the items carried in it are very specifically chosen to bring about a particular spell. The spells and  the bags are used in the African-American practice of hoodoo. The Mojo is also called “the prayer bag”. It is like a goodie bag and is coveted and guarded by those who carry it. Regardless of what you want to achieve – building a powerful vegetarian bodybuilding diet plan, make your eating habits slower and more mindful, keep hypothyroidism under control or just simply get a better, healtheir body , a healthy mojo will help you!

Popular culture recognizes the word used frequently since, the 1960’s singer, Jim Morrison used it in the title of one his songs. Today we use the word Mojo to describe any situation or condition, that we desire, flowing organically and in a good and easy way. It is having it all come together effortlessly. It is almost like being in the zone, but is more a continuum of that feeling. Having your mojo can last for minutes or days. It is a feeling we strive for.

To experience health mojo all that is needed is a plan of action put into use. It can take a few tries to achieve the balance and rewards for our actions, but if we are consistent and steadfast to the plan, it will all come together. It is very easy to get discouraged because we are surrounded by messages that promote instant gratification. The message screams that if you don’t get what you want almost immediately, it is time to abandon ship and try something else. This is one of the most destructive beliefs a person can have in any area of life. If you really think about it, when something appears to be changed instantly, you should expect that the change will not be permanent, and may even be very fleeting. Getting healthy has both immediate and long term rewards. The immediate rewards will be more felt than seen.

The good place your mind goes to when you become aware that you are exercising because you decided to, and because you stuck to that decision, is your mojo. You are feeling your mojo when your face breaks into a smile as you walk away from an unhealthy snack or desert because you said no, and meant it. It is your mojo when you feel the pride in yourself swell as you realize that you have not routinely bought candy every time you have gone to the store or gas station. The mojo moments happen every single day when you start living your plan to become healthier. It is not immediate gratification, it is better. It is deep felt gratification every day that brings a sense of power and strength, and when that strength takes root, confidence starts to grow. Confidence starts inside and encourages good thoughts and slowly takes over every aspect of a person. Before that person knows what is happening they are already different. Then one day they take a look at themselves and what they see is the person they always wanted to be.