Baby It’s Cold Outside: 5 Indoor Date Ideas to Try This Winter

3 mins read

Have you ever planned the perfect date night only to have rain, snow or ice ruin your amazing plans? Now, you no longer have to let the cold temperatures or inclement weather keep you and your special someone from having meaningful time together. Do you love somewhere with freezing winters? Try one of these five indoor options for your next winter date night.

Do Some Indoor Ice Skating

If you are longing to enjoy the outdoor delights of the season but are not willing to put up with windy days, sleet or snow, consider an indoor ice skating rink. It’s a great alternative for those who still want some physical activity during inclement weather.  These rinks are still cold and you will need to wear a warm shirt, leggings or heavy pants and light gloves. However, they are far balmier than outdoor rinks are. Plus, most of them play great music, have fun lights and let you rent skates.

Go to a Gun Range

While this is certainly not your average date spot, it can be a fun place for two adventuresome people to go. Your gun shooting range should let you rent a rifle or revolver if you do not have your own and also provide eye and ear protection. Not only can you both learn how to safely use a firearm, but also you can have fun competing against each other.

Have Fun Bowling

Bowling is another good option for competitive spirits, and you can get a bit of exercise at the same time. Find a local alley that offers cosmic bowling nights or another fun, themed experience. You can often get well-priced food and drinks during these nights and can listen to current hits or older pop songs.

Decode an Escape Room

Escape rooms are definitely the next big thing for groups of all kinds, but they can be great for couples as well. By working together, you will find and decode clues to discover how to escape from all sorts of rooms. Nowadays, you can find an escape room that best fits your interests, such as a historically-based option, a prison cell, a dungeon or even a space station.

Try a Museum Tour

If you and your significant other prefer something a little more laid back or with more of an emphasis on an educational experience, a museum tour is a great option. These days, there are plenty of different museums to consider, from those featuring art or science to those one-of-a-kind options that focus on something special in your area.

With these five unique date night options, you can have just as much fun indoors as you would have had in the great outdoors. You do not have to feel as if dinner and a movie is your only option. Instead, show off your imaginative side with these out-of-the-ordinary date night spots.