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Here’re Some Delectable Yet Nutrient-Dense Foods for Your Road Trip

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Road trips always give you an unforgettable experience because you get to explore million dollar views, unique wildlife, and meet numerous new people – some of which end up becoming your good friends for life. However, no matter how beautiful a road trip is, you have to stay healthy and energetic to enjoy it. Even if you choose a beautiful destination but if you are running out of that much-needed energy you won’t be able to have fun with your loved ones or friends.

Yes, staying healthy is extremely important for enjoying a road trip. Travellers who fail to give importance to their health and well-being are among those who only end up spending their hard earned money on travelling. If you feel that you have low energy levels you won’t be able to carry out any type of adventurous activities, which eventually worsens your road trip experience.

So, if you are planning a road trip with your family to explore some of the most interesting places in Australia, make sure that you get ready to cook your own food during your trip to stay healthy.

Since you always hire a campervan for your road trip, you can easily cook your own food. In fact, you can prepare some long-lasting snacks at home and pack them for your trip. For example, you can bake cookies and bread that can last a couple of weeks. You will enjoy them a lot during your road trip. Yes, when you feel hungry and you can’t find any good restaurants nearby you can easily rely on the food that you have packed like cookies and bread. In addition to that, you can also pack a lot of dried fruits and nuts because they are packed with a lot of nutrients.

Now let’s take a look at those foods that you can easily cook during your road trip.

Delicious Sandwiches

When you start packing for your trip make sure that you include things like mayonnaise, tomato sauce, and cheese etc. because you can enhance the taste and texture of any dish by using them. So, if you have these ingredients, you can easily prepare delicious sandwiches. All you need is bread, a couple of veggies like cabbage, carrot, cucumber, onions and cheese etc., to prepare tasty sandwiches. Since you get most of cooking equipment in your campervan or motorhome preparing sandwiches is not a big deal.


Like sandwiches, burgers are also very easy to prepare when you travel by your motorhome. You need very simple ingredients to prepare a burger. In fact, you can use the same ingredients that you use in sandwiches to prepare burger except for bread. Instead of using bread slices, you need buns for making a burger. However, if you find a grocery store on the way you can buy ingredients like bacon, mushrooms, and ground beef to improve the taste of burgers. Remember, cooking is an art so, you can definitely use your own creativity to improve the taste and texture of anything that you cook.

Stir-Fried Noodles

Apart from sandwiches and burgers, you can also rely heavily on stir-fried noodles. You can shop for noodles well in advance and pack them for your trip. The best part of relying on noodle recipes is that they are extremely simple to prepare and yet very delicious. You can pick the ingredients of your choice to get the kind of taste you are looking for. You can add a lot of veggies and meat products in a noodle dish which helps in enhancing its nutritional value. You can add veggies like carrot, beans, bean sprouts, spinach, red bell peppers, and mushrooms etc., in noodle dishes especially stir-fried noodles.


Fruit salad is one of the best foods for road trips. It’s only very simple to cook but is equally nutritious. You can use fruits like melon, watermelon, avocado, cucumber, pomegranate, cranberry, banana, and papaya etc., to prepare a delicious bowl of fruit salad. Fruit salad plays a crucial role in keeping your body hydrated – which is very important during road trips. You can enjoy fruit salad at any time of the day. There is absolutely no problem in consuming fruits because they are very healthy.


If you love snacking all the time make sure that you pack sufficient amount of popcorns for your journey. Packing popcorn is especially very important if you are travelling with your kids. Yes, they love to munch on different treats, so it’s better to pack a lot of popcorns and other crucial snacks such as healthy biscuits.

Vegetable Chips

Chips are also very important snacks, so make sure that you pack them as well. Nowadays, you will find different types of chips in supermarkets and grocery stores, so buy the ones that you love the most. In fact, when you are packing snacks for your journey it’s always better to take the suggestions of your kids because they are one who will be eating them frequently. When you talk about chips, potato chips definitely top the list so you can pack them without any hesitation.

So, whether you are planning to explore the outback destinations located in the Northern Territory and Western Australia or you are planning to discover the coastal cities and towns in Queensland and New South Wales you can definitely rely on above-mentioned foods ideas to amp up your travelling experience.

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