Hosting- A Way To Successful Business

Hosting- A Way To Successful Business

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Businesses are becoming online and most of them are preferring to have their own website, where they can get good hosting packages, at reasonable rates. The size of the website depends mostly on the size of the company and its necessities Hosting is a service, that allows users to make their website accessible through world wide web. The companies that provide, own or rented space for customers, on the server, is called as web hosts. IO ZOOM is a hosting company, which provides customers with various hosting packages and advantages. A small web page is the most basic of all hosting services.

There are two types of hosting services given by them. They are

  • Smaller hosting service: The most basic web hosting services are web-page and small-scale file hosting. Most of the individuals and even some organizations prefer small web page. Organizations prefer small web page for mainly advertisement purpose. Compared to personal website hosting, business website hosting is little complicated and more chargeable. In small-scale file hosting, files can be uploaded via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or web interface.
  • Larger hosting service: Some large companies, that are not on the internet, use the computer as a website host and provide the details of their goods and services. If a website’s data has to be kept more securely, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) has to be used.
  1. If the website is placed in a server, along with other websites, it is called as the shared web hosting service. All the websites share the same RAM and CPU. The services provided here are very basic.
  2. IO ZOOM Cloud VPS divides server resources into virtual servers, where resources can be allocated in a way that does not directly hit the underlying hardware.
  3. Cloud VPS with failover, is a service that provides back up when there are hardware failures and software issues developed.
  4. Dedicated hosting service is a service, where the website is placed on the separate server. The website gets more space so no trafficking.
  5. The company provides cloud computing. It is started by When song cloud computing. Cloud computing, is a typical example in information technology that allows limited access to shared pool of system resources that can be configured and higher-level services that can be rapidly provisioned, with minimal management efforts, on the internet also.

IO ZOOM provides hosting services according to your requirements also offers many add-ons and additional features. There are some very important points; you need to decide before starting your hosting service. They are

  • RAM is a temporary storage device and CPU is the permanent storage device of a computer. For a website, RAM stores the data of your website that needed to be processed. Later the final execution is taken care of by the CPU. You need to decide the capacity of RAM you need for your website.
  • The rate at which data exchange takes place on a website is called as bandwidth. Bandwidth should be good for your website to be functional. If your site is very interactive, you need to opt for more bandwidth.
  • The company is offering “DDos resistant” hosting services. DDos means distributed denial of services. DDoS mitigation, is a set of techniques, for resisting the impacts of DDoS attacks, on networks attached to the internet, by protecting the target and relay networks

So, you have to decide one package among the several packages, according to your requirement. You can always upgrade later when you need. Businesses are becoming online and most of them prefer to have their own website, where they can get good hosting packages, at reasonable rates. The size of the website depends mostly on the size of the company and its necessities