How Athletes Can Achieve Their Fullest Potentials?

4 mins read

Many athletes want to maximize their potential to get higher actual results. There are different ways athletes can improve their potentials and translate them into real-life results. An effective way is to focus on things that they are scared off. When we focus on something, we will obtain  the desired results. This also applies on athletes and their emotions can actually limit their potentials. As an example, a martial arts athlete will have a match with someone that he has never beaten before. The athlete is constantly pinned and beaten in all previous matches. Even so, any professional athlete will still train hard for any upcoming match. In this case, the athlete should tell to himself that just about any athlete is beatable, including his nemesis. This allows the athlete to maintain great physical condition, compose a plan of attack and feel ready. When athletes are beaten, they are often embarrassed although they don’t show it. Athletes can deal with this in a positive way and they need to be determined not to get embarrassed again.  They will be ready for the next fight, by staying confident during training.

Athletes can develop their potentials by engaging on solution-focused thinking. Unfortunately, many people focus more on problems, instead of effective solutions. They think about things that can go wrong and not things that can make them win. As an example, when athletes encounter problems they instantly determine probably solutions. If athletes rarely win against certain opponents, then it is important for them to know why it can happen. It is important that athletes don’t caught up in the same problems all the time. By focusing on solutions, it should be quite easy for them to compensate for any mistake. In fact, they should realize the it’s still possible for top players to make mistakes. This should allow athletes to take advantage of common mistakes made by their opponents. By understanding their own strengths and taking advantage of others’ weaknesses, it should be easier for athletes to become more successful in any match.  When aiming to achieve their highest potentials, it is important for athletes to avoid being hesitant. In general, hesitation may ruin our ability to compete effectively. It is something that we need to consider when getting participated in fast-paced sports, including wrestling, lacrosse, baseball, basketball and football.

In this case, it is important that we are able to block powerful opponents. Sometimes, it is important for athletes to stop and think. In baseball and basketball, it is important to avoid being unconfident and hesitant. There are multiple short breaks in a match, they could become an opportunity for many athletes to achieve better results. Often, by stopping for awhile, athletes may consider whether they should change their strategy. For baseball players, they could stop and think before batting, between innings and between pitches. Soccer players may stop and think before free kicks, before corner kicks, after a goal and during halftime rest.