How Cigarettes Ruin Our Digestion System?

4 mins read

Cigarettes don’t only affect our respiratory system, but may also cause widespread damage throughout our body, including our digestion system. In fact, cigarette smoke first enters our mouth, which is the first gate into our digestion system. That smoke slowly taints our teeth, another part of digestion system until they have the hard to remove yellowish hue. Unfortunately, the problem is more than just simple discoloration. The amount of smoke that passes into our mouth could stimulate the bacterial growth. It’s also the reason why smokers are more likely to have teeth and gum problems.

A common excuse among smokers is that smoking can calm them, but they need to face the fact that smoking is actually giving them more problems and headaches in the long run. They should know what cigarette smoke could do to their stomach. Our stomach is essentially a squeezing pocket that is filled with acidic liquid. It’s important to keep the acid stays in our stomach. There’s a special type of valve that can prevent the acid from washing our oesophagus. Unfortunately, tobacco smoke will weaken this valve and it’s easily for smokers to experience heatburn, which is not an enjoyable experience.

Tobacco smoke may cause problem with the acid production. Instead of dissolving food into digestible form, the acid may start to eat the digestion system itself. When it happens, ulcers or painful sores will start to appear on our stomach. Smokers often find that their ulcers can be healed when they stop smoking. The elimination of this bad habit will do magic on our internal organs. When we smoke, our liver will need to work extra hard to clean toxins from our bloodstream. Tobacco adds a lot of chemicals into our bloodstream and we gain no benefit from any of it.

When our liver works too hard, it may shut down completely. There’s no way that we will have a long and fulfilling life, if we refuse to stop smoking. The risk of Crohn’s disease could also be elevated by the exposure to tobacco smoke. It’s an inflammatory disease that may affect the entire digestion system, from the mouth to anus. Crohn’s disease is often indicated by weight loss, fever, diarrhoea, stomach pains and others. Finally, there’s a much bigger chance of suffering from cancer when we become heavy smokers. Cancer may happen if one day, one of your cell is damaged and multiply itself beyond control.

Tobacco smoke is a bad influencer in our body and it will turn our healthy cells to the dark side. Tobacco leaves pick up trace amount of radioactivity from the soil and it will reside in our lung tissue. Tar may also reside in parts of the digestion system, exposing healthy cells with continuous low-dose of radioactivity and when things go wrong, some of them may turn rogue. People who smoke may have elevated risks of cancer throughout their digestion system, such as lip, mounth, pancreas, stomach, colon and rectum. Nicotine isn’t the only nasty thing we find in cigarette.