How Dental Professionals Organize Their Tools For Procedures

How Dental Professionals Organize Their Tools For Procedures

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For any type of dental procedure, it’s important to have the proper instruments ready to be used when needed. However, while people may assume dentists or dental assistants lay out whatever they need in no particular order, the fact is organization plays a key role in ensuring the correct instruments are at the dentist’s fingertips. To learn more about how dental professionals organize their tools for procedures, here are some of the most important components.


During any dental procedure where numerous instruments are being used, using special mats on the tray can help keep the tools organized. Along with keeping the instruments stable and in their correct order, the mats also keep noise levels down by not letting the instruments hit against a metal surface, which can help keep patients relaxed.

Bur Blocks

Another useful component used in organizing dental tools for a procedure, bur blocks are magnetic holders that can organize small but sharp rotary instruments. By using bur blocks, a dentist and the dental assistant can create a safer work environment for themselves, helping lessen the chances of an accidental cut occurring.

Instrument Rings

Very popular devices in many dental offices, instrument rings are devices that fit very tight on instruments, allowing for quick visual identification. This is very important for complex dental procedures that will take a long time and require numerous instruments, since they will make it easier for all tools to be laid out in a much more organized fashion.

Laser Engraving

In many dental offices today, laser engraving has also become a popular option to keep tools organized. By using this process, it’s much easier to identify tools as well as arrange them in proper working order needed for the procedure. Some companies, such as Australian Laser Tech, know that this can help with organization too. Since it is easy to do, many dental offices choose to purchase their own laser engravers.


Widely used in dental practices everywhere, cassettes are convenient for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most important is that the cassette allows instruments to be placed in slots according to the order in which they will be used, and then the entire cassette with the instruments can be sterilized. By doing so, when the cassette is needed for the procedure, it can be retrieved with the tools in order and ready for use.

By using these methods in a dental practice, it will be much easier for dental professionals to have their tools organized for procedures big or small.

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