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How Oilfields Contribute To Energy Resources

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Every non-living thing that moves on earth without stimulus requires a certain amount of energy to perform and the single most powerful source of all raw energy, by the Maker, is the sun. The sun provides plants, through photosynthesis, energy to metabolize its own food. Plants grow abundantly and provide nourishment for humans and animals. Other animals will then be consumed to provide energy for human beings to be able to create moving non-living creations.

Walkin’ on Sunshine

Without the power of the sun, everything, even the human race, will not survive. When you get to trace the very existence of every human invention, it will boil down to what was said above.

Machines, however, can’t run upon exposure to sunlight without proper equipment. Let’s say you made it possible to clad whatever it is that you want to move with solar panels, it will be very impractical and costs more than, perhaps, using a fuel or plugging it on a wall socket.

Having everything flow smoothly, we never really wonder how we got here. How did we end up here anyway?


Choo! Choo! Chuggachuggachuggachugga… Choo! Choooo!

Perhaps it started with the advent of steam powered engines. It was two millenniums ago that the human race had made the usage of steam to power an engine possible. Then other fuel sources were discovered which enabled our civilization to amass this quantum technological advancement.

Oil! Who Run the World? Oil!

Today, we all use petroleum and other petroleum products either directly or indirectly in our daily lives. We cannot deny the importance and significance of this as it is used to fuel oil power plants that produce electricity to light up our homes. The next best thing it does is it greatly enhances transportation. Most of the motorized vehicles on earth are run by petroleum based fuels. Some hybrids run on electricity, but still, most run on petrol. Imagine a nuclear power plant employee driving around with a nuclear powered vehicle. Nah, that’s extremely dangerous. Even those who work at solar plants, thermal plants, coal plants, etc., use vehicles powered by petrol. It is an indispensable source of energy and you would definitely agree to use a diesel engine vehicle than a nuclear powered buggy as a far safer choice.

The thing is, this resource doesn’t unearth itself alone. It can’t go more awesome than this; drilling this black liquid requires humungous oilfield equipment, of course run by the same refined resource, to be siphoned below the earth’s surface.

Airplanes and ferries also run on refined petroleum products which make it possible to travel amazing distances in just a short time. A few vehicles such as cars, taxis, buses, etc., run on electricity but still, most still operate on petroleum based fuels.

Now imagine a world without the discovery of oil fields. Perhaps we would be in some kind of technological stupor because it would be nearly impossible to create a complex web of logistics, unless every corner of the world is fitted with railroads or every country would dare sail hundreds of days to deliver their trades. Or maybe, we have mastered the art of teleportation by now.