How to Clean Cat Urine Stains

How to Clean Cat Urine Stains?

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Cat may emit embarrassing odor inside our house. Although we may grow used to it, guests will notice. Eradicating stains and odors caused by cat could depend on a number of factors, such as the type of surface and how long they have been left unnoticed. Prolonged exposure to ammonia in cat urine may cause burning of the eyes, nausea and headaches. It is important to avoid using bleach, because chlorine will react with ammonia and releases the noxious chlorine-based vapor to the air.

Many cat lovers don’t have an idea on how to get rid of traces of urine in their house. It is important to remove them as soon as possible, because its chemical composition will eventually break down, causing unpleasant odor. It is important to clean cat urine immediately, before it seeps into hardwood floor, padding and carping. Urine-soaked carpet will be more difficult to clean and we can’t just wipe it to remove the smell. Damage control can be a difficult thing to do, because cats often go to the most unthinkable areas in our houses and do their business conveniently. Mattresses, couches, briefcases, bookcases, carpets, rugs, chairs, shoes and pile of clothes, all is fair game. It is their nature to find comfortable place to urinate, inside and outside the house.

The most effective and scientific way to remove traces of cat urine is by using high quality bacterial enzyme cleaner. It will remove the chemical substances that cause bad odor. However, some cats can produce particularly strong urine and it may be necessary to choose more effective products. In any case, cat urine cleaners should contain some kind of enzyme that can trigger chemical reaction for easier cleaning. It is important to clean the soiled spot as soon as possible with these enzymatic cleaners. Regardless of products we choose, it is important to follow the directions mentioned in the label.

Often, we notice the odor, but we are unable to pinpoint its exact source. In this case, we should purchase ultraviolet light/fluorescent black light emitter. It is available in department store for less than $15. We could simply turn off the light and use the ultraviolet light lamp to locate splatters of urine. Cat urine should appear as yellow greenish spots. We could clean cat urine stain with repeated circular motions. After removing the stain, we should dry it immediately with hair dryer, especially if the surface absorbs moisture more easily.

Once we remove traces of urine, we should start looking for likely reasons why our cats urinate indoors frequently. There are ways to train cats to urinate outside the house. As an example, we should take note the approximate time our cat urinates each day. We should put the cat outside the house at the approximate time it needs to urinate. After a few weeks, the cat should find favourite spots outside the house where it can urinate.  Dealing with cat urine problem should be easy if we know the proper steps.