6 Tips For A Healthier Thanksgiving

6 Tips For A Healthier Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is often known for unhealthy habits. Excessive eating of unhealthy foods, spending the entire day sitting around watching TV parades and football games, and often drinking more than one normally would on a Thursday. Needless to say, those who are looking to live a healthy lifestyle might not look forward to this holiday as much as others would it may seem like the health conscious people cannot enjoy this holiday, but there are some ways. Anyone can make their Thanksgiving holiday a time that allows them to maintain their lifestyle and stay healthy.

Anyone can find little ways to make Thanksgiving healthy without sacrificing some of the thing that they love so much about the holiday. People can make little substitutions and plan out some Thanksgiving activities that everyone will be able to enjoy and feel good about doing. These are simple things that are easy for any family to use to make their Thanksgiving holiday a healthy and happy one. Here are six tips for a healthier Thanksgiving.

Avoid Traveling

Many people travel during the Thanksgiving weekend to see family and friends. This may seem like an alright option, but it can compromise a person’s health. Traveling can increase stress and expose people to illnesses they would not have been exposed to otherwise. Everyone should consider hosting Thanksgiving at their house instead to avoid getting sick over Thanksgiving.

Savor Every Second

Many people load their plates full on Thanksgiving and try to eat as quickly as they can to enjoy all of the amazing food that comes with this holiday. Overeating is never a good idea, and many people will suffer the consequences later of this day of indulgence. Instead of eating fast, everyone should try to eat as slow as possible so they can stop once they are full while still enjoying their feast.

Make a Few Simple Swaps

Many traditional Thanksgiving recipes can be made better by simply making a few swaps. Simple replacements like chicken broth instead of butter or stock can maintain all the flavor in the recipe while cutting the fat and calories.

Get Better Rest a Night to Avoid the Mid-day Nap

Many people feel like they need a nap after their Thanksgiving dinner, but this is often because they did not get adequate sleep the night before. Everyone should check out CPAPMan to find solutions for their sleep issues and avoid needed that afternoon nap on Thanksgiving Day.

Try an Outdoor Activity

Many people like to stay indoors watching TV on Thanksgiving, but trying out an outdoor activity can be healthier and even more fun. Families can play football outside to get some exercise and have a new, fun holiday tradition.

Make things Ahead of Time to Avoid Stress the Day of

Thanksgiving can be a stressful holiday for those hosting. There are so many things to prepare and only so many hours in a day. To make things easier, hosts should try to prepare as much ahead of time as they can.

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