How To Easily Overcome Sugar Cravings?

4 mins read

Sugar is sweet and it can be incredibly alluring. With enough sugar, we may divulge new flavours from each ingredient. A glass of water with some lime juice is just mostly sour, but with enough sugar, we will be able to better taste the pleasant citrusy flavour. Sugar is one of the most favourite ingredients. Unfortunately, it also contributes in making us fat and sick. If you eat too much sugar, your body simply doesn’t stand the chance. There’s no natural crystallized sucrose in the nature and our body isn’t designed to consume concentrated sugar, so sugar overdose won’t bring good results to our body. Mild symptoms of sugar overdose are digestive issues and candida overgrowth, but more serious implications can happen as well. Sugar addiction is seen as a bad thing in the modern society and they can be affected by a lot of embarrassment, shame and downright guilt, after eating a huge glass of ice cream. Sugar in a moderate amount can give us a quick boost of energy if we are physically active, but many people eat plenty of sugary food and then do nothing.

If you have been trapped in the seductive snare of sugary foods and drinks, don’t despair! There are ways you can do to break free. A good way to start is by having regular and healthy breakfast. Cortisol levels are usually higher in the morning and this condition suppresses your hunger. Despite the lack of appetite, it is important for you to have proper breakfast. Our breakfast could set the tone for our overall blood sugar level for the rest of the day and it’s influenced by our adrenal functions. After many hours without eating something, we need to replenish our blood sugar level in the morning. Without breakfast, we may eat too much sugar for the rest of the day, because we could unconsciously try to deal with low blood sugar level. It is important that we eat enough protein as an alternative source of energy. Protein is slowly converted into energy and it should keep ourselves properly energized for the rest of the day. It is not a good thing if simple carbs dominate our source of energy during the day. This could tax our adrenal glands and cause problems in our digestion systems.

Carbohydrates that we incorporate in our food should be in complex forms, which are usually obtained from whole grains variants. Just like protein, they are slowly broken down and our blood sugar level will be more manageable. Another way to deal with our sugar cravings is by eating raw chocolate and it’s good for us. It’s high in specific neurotransmitter substances that can help control our appetite. Excessive sugar intake may cause a variety of problems, such as obesity, adrenal fatigue and many more. When you eat too much sugar, it’s like that you wake a monster in your body and it won’t be a good thing. Your main goal is to keep everything well balanced and within limits. Even too much of a good thing isn’t good and sugar isn’t a good thing.