How To Effectively Gain SEO Benefits Through Article Marketing?

4 mins read

There are different ways to add inbound links to our website and article marketing is one of them. Some may consider it an outdated method of adding links to our website, but it’s still among the most predictable and easiest. It is quite unfortunate that article marketing has fallen out of favour. Compared to reciprocal link trading, this method requires harder effort, but we could get substantial traffic. We may need to be able to drive traffic from various popular article marketing websites. Not only that we get do-follow links from these websites, we could also get direct hits from them as well. Many website owners would not be happy at the prospect of writing hundreds of articles with at least decent quality, but they could be motivated to do that, if they know about the results.

Article marketing is still perceived as old fashioned, but it still complements newer methods, such as driving traffic from social media and video sharing methods. Just like from other sources, direct traffic from article marketing websites is highly targeted, so it would be quite easy to transform them into real buyers. Advertisers and marketers have used article marketing to help them to get more buyers, by generating leads more quickly. It means that article marketing can work as a SEO improvement project and a more direct way of attracting traffic that can be converted into actual buyers. Article marketing can be a quite laborious way of adding inbound links, but just like guest blogging, your do follow inbound link is also permanent.

It is a good thing, if you choose the most popular article marketing websites first. They usually have the highest traffic and PR value, so you will get great results from both sectors. Some article marketing could be more relevant for specific topics, although they are originally considered as a general website. With a modest amount of work, you will be able to drive enough traffic. Article marketing can be quite effortful, because you often can’t post the same article to more than one article marketing website, due to duplicate content issue. However, it may be possible to rewrite the same article, so the derivative articles will pass the duplicate content test.

You should know that not every article is equal. A decent article could get 5 clicks each day, while a less effective one could get less than 1 click each day. This may not seem a lot, but if you have accumulated hundreds of articles in various article website, you will get steady amount of traffic. It is important to consider that you are competing with other article writers in these directories, so your content should great quality. One effective of attracting people to your website is to divulge the most important detail of these published articles in a post in your website. If people are interested with your content, they will surely go to your website. These enticing webpages in your website could actually become your actual landing pages, so you need to maximize their potentials.